The compressor everything seems to be ok until unit runs for about 30 minutes. If so what do I look for in replacing it with a quality new one? Changing it for a different *capacitance* value won't help. Its possible that you could have pressures as low as 10 psig which can be a temperature of -20 to -42 degrees F. At these temperatures, it would take only seconds to start icing up which will have an immediate affect on air flow, getting to a noticeable point within 10-20 minutes. It could be that you just bought a cheap capacitor. Should I replace it with a higher value? There are several motors present in an conditioner and heater systems: When capacitors go south, they either go out entirely or they decline in strength. I checked it originally and it was 20.1 for a 20 microfarad part. Should the technician have inspected the motor last fall? the home is cooling though. Some have longer lives based on the materials in them. The motor is the work-horse and should be flash tested to determine if the insulation is braking down under load. So the life expectancy is directly related to the age of the capacitor. My 2 ton, 10 SEER Rheem Classic heat pump (approximately 11 years old) is tripping the circuit breaker. The next morning I put a 5 mfd on it. If the power supply is fine and the windings are in good shape, check the capacitor next. The decline is measured in the “capacitance” units called micro farads. When I drop the temperature the airflow reduces after 20mins which is I think is too short a time for the unit to ice up?…..any thoughts? Motors are rated for a specific MFD capacitor. Old or weak compressor The compressor is in your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Thermostat flashes “heat on” then auxiliary heat comes on after a while. A weak compressor has trouble starting. The airflow is normal only when the thermostat is set so high that the compressor stays off. AC run capacitor keeps going bad. Some have 5 year warranty on the capacitors. Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms Sometimes these are difficult to find any symptoms unless you have the proper tools. It is set to match the amplitude and cycle of the power wave of the primary winding but at a delayed frequency so that the peak of the wave off the capacitor is timed so that there are three power peaks in the 360 degree cycle. Then it shuts off after about ten minutes. Large pipe next. I need data from my instruments to see what might be happening. Clean the 24 Volt terminal spades the same way and make sure they are secure. It maybe time to call in the professional ‍♂️ Thanks for your help and time. My indoor blower wasn’t working. It's a Goodman CPLJ60-1B unit and the 370V 80+5uf Dual round run capacitor has gone bad 3 times in 5 years. the most common symptom of a bad capacitor is that the motors do not run. I had someone turn it on inside while I was outside by the fan and it hummed and delayed for about 2 seconds and then the fan started to spin. Instead of replacing a capacitor, you could end up having to replace the fan motor or the compressor. Hope that I don’t have a big problem on my hands? The capacitor does not visibly appear that it has failed, but I have not tested it with a multimeter. There may be one or multiple capacitors included in your ac with regards to the design. (ill dig out the multi-meter later and test.. but will likely replace cap even without testing…) My heat is not working. When I reset the tripped breaker, the unit will turn on. It could be, but I would really need to put some tools onto the equipment to check pressures and voltages to see what is happening. When my system calls for cold air, the thermostat relay clicks and the blower comes on just for a second, stops for a split-second, then it clicks again and the blower and compressor kicks on and everything starts working fine. Thoughts? I went to turn it from heat to cooling and the compressor did not start. Fair Warning. Sometimes capacitors wear out, so they’ll need to be replaced. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also, check the motor bearings for excessive wear. When I disconnect the powerline to the outdoor system, the indoor unit tends to work properly with the fan icon on and the fan blowing for as longs as the system is on. This will help alert you to the problem before either the compressor or the fans cease working. ( Log Out /  I turn the system off at the thermostat, wait 10 minutes and turn it back on and it resolves itself until it trips again. He replaced the capacitor and the circuit breaker and it resolved the tripping issue. The compressor sounds like it wants to turn on and clicks but it won’t and is make a humming noise. Typically this is when it starts up and is a sign the motors are going bad. Could my capacitor be bad? Capacitors can be found in several different sizes and shapes. I think we both answered the question for once this time. (trips breaker) Let it cool some and the time lessens but same issue. This is not a DIY repair. Larger capacitors generally have higher current load-handling ability and greater charge storage capacity. This deviation in the power cycle thus causes undue wear and tear on the motor and can cause early motor failure. Serious diagnostics require someone to use test equipment and cannot be diagnosed over the internet. But you have a bigger problem. Actually, the icing will depend on two things, the humidity level and the suction pressure. After that it blew the capacitor and I called him back. are sometime harder to identify without the right tools and expertise. There is a high risk of severe electric shock if a capacitor mishandled. This spring, it worked for about a month, and then it literally flamed out. Contact your technician for a professional diagnosis this spring season. The first one shorted on the top because the insulator between the contact and case came loose. While the most popular capacitors are the types found on circuit boards, the ones most associated with air conditioning will be the bigger capacitors that assist start and run your motors. This range is the allowable operating range, usually labeled in a percentage range, for the capacitor. If the motor bearings are worn, then it draws a lot of current to try to get the motor to rotate, thus tripping the breaker. This is especially true for the compressor. The capacitor is the part that makes the motor go. Sounds like a malfunctioning reversing valve. This creates a power “drag” on the motor instead of a properly timed power “boost”, to use aeronautical terms. If you have time could you answer this question or point me in the right direction. What is wrong. The system is older, not sure how old. Keep trying the installer, he really should be the one to fix it under his own personal warranty. Try turning your system off and back on again, and if the problem persists, you’ll need to call in for professional help. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I need some more info: What mode is the unit in? But there are times when you will see either a balloon shape on the capacitor or a split and leak. If it goes bad, it can pull too much electricity and trip your breaker. My ac unit was working fine unit about 4pm then it stopped cooling. somany times when I start the compressor then compressor working on 2 mins then heat up and then again not working.then I release the gas and flushing machine then same again problem…. This is especially true for the compressor. If the outside fan is not working the compressor may cause problems and will short cycle or cease working. The largest and most expensive A/C capacitor is located in the outside unit. I have a national Ac it was working perfectly then it stopped all of a sudden the indoor unit went OFF and the outside unit stopped working too and whenever I try putting it back ON all I hear is a humming sound and won’t start. So. Inspect the capacitor. WBahn. So essentially I get 2 relay clicks before they AC is up and running. Take a look at he contactor. What Are the Indicators of a Faulty HVAC Capacitor?. have a walk-in cooler that needs to be about 35F. Not sure what you mean by flushing. Sounds like you are running on the secondary heat (heat strips) since the outside is not running. I had a repair guy come out and he replaced this, the motor fan and the contactor.
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