Dec 5, 2015 - Browse the best of our 'Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop' image gallery and vote for your favorite! President Yudof also contracted Kroll Inc. and its chairman, former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton, to conduct the factual investigation and a review of police procedures for the task force. [14][15], On July 31, 2012, a UC Davis spokesman announced that Pike was no longer employed by the university. US Bank protests and subsequent bank closure, University PR response; alleged attempt to divert web searches, Ternus-Bellamy, Anne. Video of police casually pepper spraying seated UC Davis protesters on Friday has sparked widespread outrage. Davis police chief Annette Spicuzza, the protesters had surrounded the officers and would not let them leave. Nothing is sacred. We also call for a policy that will end the practice of forcibly removing non-violent student, faculty, staff, and community protestors by police on the UC Davis campus. [12], In Sacramento, on December 14, 2011, state legislators questioned UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi in regard to the pepper spraying incident. I explicitly directed the chief of police that violence should be avoided at all costs. At the University of California Davis campus in 2011 a group of student activists had occupied the University Quadrangle for several weeks. Print (Photo via We don’t … "[4], On July 31, 2012, a UC Davis spokesman announced that Pike was no longer employed by the university. [65], The UC Davis Faculty Association is an advocacy group representing about 110 active tenured and tenure-track professors (about 4 percent of the more than 2,500 total faculty members at UC Davis). [100], Coordinates: 38°32′28.0″N 121°44′57.6″W / 38.541111°N 121.749333°W / 38.541111; -121.749333 (pepper spray incident). The "casually pepper-spraying cop" is now a meme, a kind of folk art or shared visual joke that is open to sharing and reinterpretation by anyone. A major theme of the Occupy demonstrations at California public universities is the role of education in creating jobs and improving the quality of life of society and the contrasting failure of the UC Regents and the State of California to honor commitments made in the California Master Plan for Higher Education. Here are a few of my favorites. [66][67] Linda Bisson, chair of the Academic Senate, called for a faculty investigation, but said she believed that most faculty members wanted Katehi to stay in her post. First Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, California Division of Workers' Compensation, California Master Plan for Higher Education, Police beat and arrest students at UC Berkeley, UC Davis chancellor sorry for pepper spray incident, 2002 court ruling limits use of pepper spray, O'Brien: How one student's pepper spray photo became an Internet meme, "Bee wins legal battle for names of UC Davis officers in pepper spray incident", "UC Davis pepper-spray officer awarded $38,000", Katehi, chief huddled with 13 on decision to remove camp, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi's messages to campus, Nov. 18-20, "U.C. [5], In October 2013, a judge ruled that Lt. John Pike, the lead pepper sprayer, would be paid $38,000 in worker's compensation benefits, to compensate for “[the] suffering he experienced after the incident”. add your own caption. The Council of UC Faculty Associations Condemns Police Violence Against Non-Violent Protesters. Apparently the cop who can pepper spray peaceful college students can pepper spray everything else as well. In October 2013 it was reported that Joel Harter, an administrative law judge for the California Division of Workers' Compensation, had approved a settlement totaling $38,056 for Pike. casually pepper spray everything cop. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Practicing for. [81] The report found that "Lieutenant Pike's use of force in pepper spraying seated protesters was objectively unreasonable," and that "the evidence does not provide an objective, factual basis for Lt. Pike's purported belief that he was trapped, that any of his officers were trapped, or that the safety of their arrestees was at issue. [51][52][53], According to university officials, the officers felt like they were "surrounded" by the demonstrators. In October 2013 the Division awarded Pike $38,055 in compensation. The tents were later taken down after a representative for student affairs expressed concerns. [8], According to The New York Times, multiple videos show a peaceful demonstration with officers "freely moving about". A settlement conference was scheduled for August 13, 2013. Born out of the John Pike, UC Davis pepper spraying debacle, comes the "Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop" meme. [37] After marching to Mrak Hall in the administration building, 50 people stayed overnight and two tents were raised outside. casually pepper spray everything cop. Protesters were sprayed with pepper spray. [9] According to U.C. Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop. [89][90][91]:78, The activist group Anonymous posted a statement online that, henceforth, Pike's "information [would be] public domain. "[32], The ACLU expressed "grave concerns" about the use of batons on protesters. [79], The release of a report by the university's task force investigating the crackdown was delayed in March 2012, when the police officers' union filed suit to prevent its release without redacting the names of the officers involved. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Google Plus; Share on Pinterest; Casual Pepperspray Everything Cop; like; meh; 0; Can't Sit There . The "Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop" meme takes center stage in Know Your Meme's latest episode.In the video, Internet scientist Forest Gibson unravels the short but eventful history of … [68] Later, in May 2012, the UC Davis Academic Senate Executive Council censured the chancellor. Kroll, which holds security contracts in the UC system, is a subsidiary of Altegrity Risk International and works closely with the financial sector on Wall Street. [31] Thirty-nine protesters, including Langan, were arrested for charges including "resisting and delaying a police officer in the performance of their duties, and failure to disperse when given a dispersal order. [78], On December 6, 2011, Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York's 8th congressional district and ranking member of the United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, sent a letter to Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General, requesting that the United States Department of Justice "launch a thorough investigation into law enforcement activities surrounding Occupy Wall Street — and its national offshoots — to determine whether the police have indeed violated the civil liberties of demonstrators or members of the media." Funny skits of being Casually Pepper Sprayed by John Pike. Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop - Image #203,676 Like us on Facebook! He can be symbolic, a metonym, for larger and transferrable ideas. After asking the protesters to leave several times, university police pepper sprayed a group of student demonstrators as they were seated on a paved path in the campus quad. The event attracted approximately 1,500 demonstrators. 665 likes. Here are a few of my favorites. [7], In January 2012, Occupy UC Davis protesters started a two-month-long blockade of the US Bank on the UC Davis campus. Pepper-spray cop works his way through art history, Occupy Wall Street Protests in New York and Beyond, 13-Year-Old Girl Finds Porn On New Cell Phone, Seven Score and Seven Years Ago: What You Don’t Know About the Gettysburg Address, Meet the Only Resident of America’s Smallest Town. [49] Bystanders recorded the incident with cell-phone cameras, while members of the crowd chanted "Shame on you" and "Let them go" at the police officers. [16] Nearly a year later, on July 27, 2013, it was reported that Pike had filed for workers compensation, and hoped to receive a monetary award for what he termed a "psychiatric injury" due to threats he received after his identity was made public. They were charged with blocking a sidewalk and conspiracy. Occupy UC Davis (distinguished from the off-campus Occupy Davis[26]) was a name used to refer to those responding to University of California police violence (specifically at Occupy Cal on November 9, 2011), and later grew to encompass other themes. The board of the Council of UC Faculty Associations said that "police violence" was used against non-violent demonstrators at UC Davis, UCLA, UC Berkeley and at a Cal State Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach. Casually Pepper Spray Everything - Even while sleeping! That body voted (with 99.5% consensus) to stage an education-wide general strike on Monday, November 28. A testament to how fast we are consuming culture these days, it only took ~72 hours for the UC Davis “Casually Pepper Spraying Cop” Photoshop meme … add your own caption. Public Figure See more ideas about pepper spray, cop, spray. casually pepper spray everything cop. casually pepper spray everything cop Practicing for. In response, law enforcement officials from UC Berkeley Police, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office and other UC Police officers, arrived in riot gear to remove the seven tents from the protest site. Especially when it comes to Oakland pepper spray cop… The laws concerning this doesn't even say pepper spray but instead calls it a Tear Gas weapon which is limited to 2.5 oz. Search on Google Images or Know Your Meme for Casually Pepper Spray Everythign Cop. [56], Lieutenant John Pike and another unnamed UC Davis Police officer were placed on administrative leave shortly after the incident. (November 19, 2011). One of the officers who used pepper spray on the students was subsequently identified as Lieutenant John Pike. [28] Midday, protestors set up seven tents to symbolize their support for the Occupy movement. "In New York, many of these reports involve allegations of excessive force used by NYPD officers against OWS protestors. [58], Kamran Loghman, who helped develop pepper spray into a weapons-grade material with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 1980s, stated that the incident at Davis "violated his original intent,"[59] adding he'd never seen "such an inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents." The Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop Meme already has 10 pages of user-generated pictures. I especially like the My Little Pepper Spray image because it cuts right to the gist that unarmed, seated, peaceful undergraduates in an open outdoor space ought NOT to be pepper-sprayed in the face.
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