Canada has a media sector, but its cultural output – particularly in English films, television shows, and magazines – is often overshadowed by imports from the United States. We are experts in Human Digital Services and Identity Management, helping organizations, both public and private, connect valuable services to their customers. The roadmap actions outlined within this Digital Government Strategy form a series of critical next steps to help build a 21st century government that innovates with less. The Government asked Canadians to share their ideas and insights on how Canada can foster an innovative, people-centred and inclusive digital and data economy, and they responded loud and clear. Code for Canada and the Canadian Digital Service are bringing tech talent into government, and the Canada School of Public Service has recently launched the ambitious new Digital Academy. GC wiki From wiki. Topics: Week 1: Defining digital government; Week 2: Digital government in Canada & around the globe These information on our directory are provided for your information and references only, these information may have since changed since our last update. On the flipside, governments shouldn’t rush to pursue digital initiatives without first laying a solid foundation. Managing technology and technological change in government. We work in agile, multi-disciplinary teams to build digital products like these. Becoming a truly digital government will help meet their expectations. Fascinating documentary on the continuing global disruption driven by the Blockchain. Going digital can help government deliver services better and far more cost effectively. Many Canadians are still uncertain what “digital government” means and what a move to digital government can do for them. It’s about using modern tools and technologies to deliver the services people want and maximizing the power of data to improve the services people need. How to apply the culture and values of digital workplaces — even if you don’t work in tech 2. Danavero is a technology-based solutions provider headquartered in Toronto and deploying services worldwide. The CIO Strategy Council is not for the faint of heart. Don and Alex Tapscott are pioneering Canada's Blockchain revolution, realizing the nation's potential to lead the world. We are disruptors. The concept of digital government in Canada is pushing government officials to understand the opportunities presented by technology and how it can help them meet the needs of citizens and improve the lives of the public they serve. Our digital strategic plan. Government of Canada Exposure Notifications Mobile App View this product. The government will continue to play a huge role in propping up Canada’s economy throughout this crisis and using digital channels to do so. But the momentum can’t slow once the urgency fades. This Digital Playbook, and the Government of Canada's Digital Standards it is built upon, form the foundation of the Government of Canada’s shift to becoming more agile, open, and user-focused. He showcases numerous case studies that highlight how these trends are coming together to change the way we live, work and connect with one another. The federal government has finally released its long-promised national digital economy strategy, one that promises that Canada "will rank among world leaders in View all . Latest News. TD and Microsoft Enter into a Strategic Relationship to Power the Future of Digital Customer Experiences; June 14, 2019 UBC launches Canada’s first graduate blockchain training path; June 15, 2019 Workday Named Supplier for Government of Canada’s NextGen HR and Pay Project Description: Why building a successful digital model for the Canadian government is a necessity filled with exciting opportunities. Our Drupal development is just one rea... Headquartered in Montreal, eStruxture provides modern-day data center infrastructure for companies requiring reliable and flexible colocation servi... Background Between 2010-2012, Canadian Finance Minister Flaherty appointed the Task Force for the Payments System Review. In his inspiring TEDx talk Scott Brison described how the Canadian government needs to apply the capabilities of the digital…. Digital transformation is not just about new technologies, but requires an overhaul of organizational structures, governance, work processes, culture and mindset. [Text On Screen:] [ISED signature] [Canada wordmark] [Music fades] Vivvo helps governments achieve their digital transformation imperative and achieve transformational cost efficiencies. To meet their changing expectations, government’s transformation is also underway. The time is right for a move to digital government in Canada. In light of the digital revolution, the Government of Canada had to automate its services to evolve with the times. Digital is also the way many of us, as well as future generations, are used to doing business. Using modern and emerging technologies to deliver better digital services to Canadians. The concept of digital government in Canada is pushing government officials to understand the opportunities presented by technology and how it can help them meet the needs of citizens and improve the lives of the public they serve. Vivvo was built on the foundation of Privacy by Design. The story of cities around the world and their shift towards being technologically powered through Blockchain. Robert Downey Jr. is joined by Will.I.Am and Mark Sagar to explore identity, creativity, and collaboration between humans and machines. Delivering on Digital describes the “digital mindset” as five common characteristics shared by leaders and organizations that have successfully led digital transformations. Vivvo’s next generation privacy-enhancing platform, CitizenOne, enables citizens to conveniently and privately access digital services from government and simplify their lives. Jump to: navigation, search. The first step in a digital transformation is adopting a “digital mindset”. We live in a digital world but are being asked to use non-digital services when interacting with government, with too many avenues that increase the possibility of fraud and privacy breaches; with a limited focus on the citizen experience. Work in the open by default. You can also visit: to view all of our resources. Government of Canada Digital Standards. The Digital Advisory Board is a new space for government to interact with experts in the public and private sector, where we can seek strategic and informal advice on digital government, and digital transformation. To schedule an in-depth discussion on your digital journey visit At all levels, governments have devoted substantial resources and attention to making use of digital technologies and online connectivity in ways that would have been unthinkable for … To build a public sector that is fit for the future, government must reinvent itself. Canada Business Directory - Information about Digital Built Canada is populated and aggregated from various sources. Canada is accelerating efforts to harness Self Sovereign Identity for integrated Digital Government services. Digital government innovations. Copyright © 2019 Vivvo | All rights reserved. From the top down, governments need to embrace new innovations and technologies to re-shape the experience citizens have with their governments. Empower staff to deliver better services. As we move into the 2020s, governments are going to have to move faster and be smarter in taking on challenges. We are innovators in our companies and organizations, embracing digital,... Canada's 180 year old bank provides an exemplar blueprint for the most modern of digital transformation strategies. These are the commitment to five things that work together and must be at the heart of any digital government venture: Moving to digital government in Canada is proving difficult, with barriers such as legacy systems, shortage of technical skills, tight budgets, project methodologies and procurement woes. This Digital Playbook, and the Government of Canada's Digital Standards it is built upon, form the foundation of the Government of Canada’s shift to becoming more agile, open, and user-focused. Our goal is to provide public services to Canadians which are simple to use and trustworthy. Imagine a world where you can become the leading actor of your favorite movie. Design with users. Based on CAN/CIOSC 101:2019, the new Program provides independent assurance reporting under Canadian Standards for Assurance Engagements (CSAE 3000). "The Government of Canada's Digital Economy Strategy is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to chart the path Canadians will take towards prosperity in … However, it also means there are many opportunities to pursue positive change, drive cost efficiencies and improve citizen satisfaction. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and through collaboration with innovators around Canada and the US, Vivvo’s mission is to change this. Home: What is EARB: ... Click here for the full version of the GC Digital Standards. Vivvo is a leading digital government enabler that focuses on simplifying citizen access to online services and applications with a focus on usability, privacy and security. Canada’s Premier Infrared Conference Series is Going Virtual October 21-22, 2020 - Thursday, 15 October 2020 15:40. Built by the Government Digital Service Open Government Licence All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0 , except where otherwise stated Date: June 11, 2018 Duration: 00:04:46 Resolution: HD/720 (90.1 Mb) 1. Digital government response to COVID-19. CEOs of Shopify and other leading digital companies identify an action plan for how Canada can become a digital world…, The BC Developer Exchange – Building a Cloud-based Service Innovation Marketplace, How Chatbots Can Contribute In Your Ecommerce Business, CIO Council Launches AI Ethics Assurance Program in Collaboration With KPMG Canada, Blockchain City – The Future of Cities Driven by Blockchain. They will guide teams in designing digital services in a way that best serves Canadians. For Digital government in Canada to be successful we must empower leaders to redesign public services and transform departments and agencies into digitally savvy organizations. Artificial Super Intelligence is the hypothetical AI where machines become self-aware and surpass the capacity of human intelligence and ability. The Canadian government is changing how we think of traditional Web management. Citizen expectations are constantly shifting as they’re looking for increasingly personalized and seamless experiences. They are also focused The Digital Youth Advisory Committee was launched to ensure that the Government of Canada is integrating the youth perspective into digital initiatives across the Government of Canada. DIACC and Vivvo believe to achieve digital government in Canada we have to come together and pursue ecosystem solutions. Improving government services in the Digital Age. In 2018, Canada joined a network of leading digital nations in the Digital 9 to share expertise and explore opportunities for greater digital government collaboration. They built a platform of standards-compliant (HTML5, WCAG and WAI-ARIA), accessible and secure components that its agencies (and even provincial and municipalities) can use to build and maintain their sites. Digital technologies are transforming the way British Columbians live, work and play. ESA Guidance Regarding Inspections During COVID-19 Outbreak – Updated June 4 - Thursday, 04 June 2020 14:25. The following trends are changing the way we expect to interact with government: Delivering on Digital, an excellent book on digital government by William Eggers, describes the way these five trends are changing the way governments interact with and serve the public. We have based these on international best practices and we’re looking for feedback. Articulated in the Government of Canada Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology 2017 to 2021, other critical components of the strategy include the Government of Canada Digital Standards, the Data Strategy Roadmap for the Federal Public Service, a developing digital policy, and Canada’s fourth Plan on Open Government. What digital looks like in a government context 3. We are developing a set of principles to guide digital development in the Government of Canada. Going digital doesn’t mean simply putting services online. To put us on a path to unlock the potential of a digital government, the strategy emphasizes several key objectives. Digital tools to help Canadians access services and get information on COVID-19. We hope to build upon this momentum and broaden the scope of our collaboration. 5 SHARED SERVICES CANADA’S INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMATION PLAN Building the Government of Canada’s Digital Platform In its 2015 Speech from the Throne and in Budget 2016, the Government of Canada presented its vision for pursuing real and meaningful change for the country. Vivvo is committed to building better citizen experiences while ensuring privacy and security. Canada will continue to play a leadership role in promoting digital government and Open Government globally, while also engaging our partners at all levels and in all jurisdictions to learn from their experiences and leverage a “build once, use often” approach. Best practices for working better — like Agile, human-centred design and Lean. These will shape how we approach managing our information, our technology, and providing services. The first decade of e-government in Canada has not been without considerable effort. To learn more about the Government of Canada’s efforts to help government design and build better services, visit Digital Open Government Forum: Getting It Right To help us better understand the digital environment, this fall's session brought together a wide range of notable speakers to share their invaluable insights on algorithms, personal data and privacy protection, as well as highlight some of the best practices that are advancing innovation across government and beyond. The public, that is served by government, is accustomed to working, shopping and doing business online. Build in accessibility from the start. Now more than ever, government faces fiscal challenges, so technology provides an opportunity to look at delivering public services more effectively, and at a lower cost. Vivvo is a member of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). Federal Government Unveils Plan for Canada's Digital Future. Next up: developing a digital policy to support our ongoing transition to digital government. Vivvo Application Studios is a Canadian-based software development and solution services company. It's that simple. 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Digital Government in Canada Many Canadians are still uncertain what “digital government” means and what a move to digital government can do for them. Digitization of the Government of Canada. Canada's digital and data principles lay down the foundation that will allow us to build an innovative, people-centered and inclusive digital and data economy built on trust. British Columbia – Exemplar Blueprint for Canadian Digital Government; September 25, 2020 Canada: World-Leading Pioneer of Self Sovereign Identity for Digital Government; May 18, 2020 The CDXP – Canada’s Strategy for Government as a Platform Reference Number: 791784. We conduct our banking online, we shop and ship gifts online, and we are growing to expect online service delivery in all areas of our lives. Iterate and improve frequently. Artificial Super Intelligence: Should We Be Worried? Government of Canada records will be open for consultation from the time they are ... extending the discovery model to all of Canada’s documentary heritage. But more needs to be done, and sooner. Governments in Canada can do more by harnessing the right business expertise, technology and talent to build … The following draft 10 principles will help guide the federal government's work, serving as a digital charter for Canadians to help address challenges and leverage Canada's unique talents and strengths in order to harness the power of digital and data transformation.
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