Hi! Genius!!!!! Place the stems between the tines of the fork and pull. It depends on how long ago they had been picked, the quality of the drying, and how long they sat around the warehouse before they were purchased. Still be potent? Michael Moore suggested 1 part plant material to 5 parts alcohol with dried plants. Thank you!! Recently, I’ve received some emails regarding my 3-ingredient, ultra-simple recipe for homemade elderberry syrup which uses cooked elderberries. Then thaw them out, run them thru a food processor? From my perspective, if there are green berries on a bunch of elderberries, then I would suggest that the “ripe” ones may not be fully ripe and need a few extra days to become fully medicinal. Let me know if you need more info! Then the herb gets a bad rap, which is unfortunate. Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate your story and wanting my thoughts. Counter help said Amish people swear by sambucus , and pharmacy cant keep shelves stocked. I laughed out loud when I read this! 3. By not cooking the berries beforehand is it still safe to consume the wine as is? Thank you for your kind words! LOL The separation seems obvious, but since you didn’t give a specific extracting procedure, I thought I would ask. Would it be alright to pick the fresh berries and have them sit in vegetable glycerin and without refrigerating? Did you break open the berries? Hello Cyd, Were they mashed first? Finally an informative article on elderberries! I prefer to always process directly after harvesting, however. Now that’s a question for the ages. Could have been a bug or something else most definitely. Freezer burn is certainly something to avoid, however, so no longer than 6 months in the freezer, well wrapped. along with some lemon zest, cloves, cinnamon. Hello Sarah! The bad side: using elderberries can be tricky and you run the risk of getting yourself or anyone who consumes your elderberry-based foods sick. Does anyone have access to hard factual research about all three aspects and the gain/loss of each approach. Glad you’re on the “no heating” bandwagon! I use pure grain alcohol for tinctures, but want to try your oxymel! xoxo. Sambucus Canadensis do not need to be boiled like European elderberries (Sambucas Nigra) - better preserving the antioxidants that make elderberries great! In this climate of fear about contracting the coronavirus – and the influenzas A and B that are still being passed around – people are looking for definitive answers. Which brand of tincture would you recommend that is processed properly? I placed the powder into capsules, after having it in an airtight container with an oxygen absorber pack, but have yet to take any of the capsules – fearful that I am not supposed to consume them like that (read that dried elderberries are poisonous if not heated). Hello Corinne, it’s always the best practice to process the plant material immediately after harvesting. We were fine. We need to be smart! The herbal tea is totally safe to use as is, just add hot water, the dried elderberries must be cooked first, clearly stated on package and on the sales page. 3. Some plants, such as elderberries, may have toxic substances in the some plants parts, but not in others. You, your family, and your friends will be very happy when you provide them with herbal medicine that works well! I put them in my large jar with apple cider and raw honey and theyve been in a dark cupboard since the 5th September now. Cuisart food processor? Do you know if alcohol would kill Salmonella. Last night the wisk I used to help the juice through was completely coated with goo. Good question! All came back perfect. I have been harvesting them in August and freezing them. Yikes! Again, it depends on what you’re wanting to extract. I take out the berries and give them a quick 10 second soak in water to allow the smaller stems to rise to the surface of the bowl to be scooped off before processing. 3. Can you tell me your process for doing a fermented honey with dried berries, please? On the left of the article, you’ll see clear directions for making an elixir, oxymel, and tincture including ratios. Thank you so much! Speak to me like I’m ten lol. 4. After a Kabor Day harvest of the beautiful blue berries I spent the next day making jelly and liqueur. My whole point is – know the constituents and their requirements for optimum extraction and preservation. I strain out the seeds after I have cooked them. You must cook elderberries for no less than 15 minutes before eating them or they can be toxic. Thank you for your opinion. What is the volume of the syrup? They did a CT scan, blood work, urine test. ), guess where the seeds come out? It’s so valuable – and crucial – to know the constituents and what each menstrua will pull out and preserve in order to make effective medicine. Thanks for your comment! Additionally, they fight free radicals, reduce the appearance of aging, reduce inflammation, protect the cardiovascular system, support normal blood sugar levels and blood pressure, promote brain health, protect the skin against UV rays. Seemed to be a bit stronger for me. I have even thought about using some of the leftover powder in my four years old’s smoothie, but again, did not want to risk it….hence my research of dried elderberry powder/dried elderberries. Hello Lina, Thanks for your question! Elderberries have lots of culinary uses such as crumbles, pies, jams and liqueurs. I do the swirl and mash, swallow the juice, and spit out the rest. Our wild blue elder here in the Pacific Northwest/Inland West is Sambucus nigra ssp. I remove the bigger stems after picking, then freeze the lot. I am deeply appreciative of this nuanced and fully-informed article. The longer the cook and the more stems, the less I’d want to use the syrup. Elderberries grow in such a tight cluster. But just hoping there are better research done and published. I have about 3 quarts of juiced berries. I’m throwing out all possibilities. Turn the vent to sealing. IN ITS RAW FORM CYANIDE IS PRODUCED AND this is the poisoning I experienced about 15 minutes after drinking the drink. Given the choice, I would pick……neither. Since it was cooked and well strained, no seeds or stems ended up in the syrup. Many of the dessert or syrup recipes for elderberry include strong and aromatic flavorings. I can then use them in my workshops. I just wondered if elderberries are collected fresh can they be stored in the fridge prior to use or must they be frozen? that separates seeds and skins, while pure juice comes out. I’ll need more info. Hello Suzanne, but that the seeds are also contained in a small sac that’s not meant to be broken? The religious center staff has been advised that, while elderberries may be safe to consume, particularly if cooked (uncooked berries may produce nausea), leaves and stems should not be crushed in when making juice. I’m a huge fan of rosehip elixir. I suspect there were issues that were waiting for the last straw to become problematic. Let macerate in your fridge (to prevent fermentation) for a month, then strain all plant material including the seeds. Plug the plant in the search button, then click on the correct one from the list. However, you can make them into something enjoyable if you prepare them properly. or perhaps heating slightly to lukewarm first to get the skins open and then run through a food mill? 2. Many sites simply copy and paste info from other places on the internet. Hey there, I’ve just dried some elderberries before coming across your blog..i may have dried them a little too much, and they have gone rather crispy.. do you think I could still use them for syrups etc? In the past I cooked my elderberry syrup and other medicines. Consider these following elderberry products of mine. After 5 days discarded the must and now left to do the fermenting. Thank you for your advice and time! As stated in another post, we use low speed vitamix blender and the goo, must come off in our sieved resultant juice. Not knowing the proof of the alcohol you used, it may not be strong enough to kill the bacteria. To answer your question, I would prefer zero stems in the finished product. Help! Elderberries are amazing! We work hard to clean many off, but probably 25% remain. Everyone (aka no one) says the cooking kills the bad stuff, we assume most of the good stuff, is gone, plus all the other pie things. cerulea. This is not a tincture, but a preserved juice. With gratitude. Hi there, i picked a great batch of local elderberries and froze them overnight, the nexr day i let them thaw out while taking out any green/red berries and stems. 6. a few years ago. Thank you for your help. 2. I don’t put them in smoothies. These emails from readers promoted a different recipe that does not cook the berries first. Hello Shunta! Thank you for your thank you! Then I let my children ages: 15 down to 4 taste test. I have read that any herb in its rawest form was best so I thought a powder would be good for keeping it on a raw form. The seeds are strained out after the remedy is ready. You seemed to have a little more information then other sites so I thought I might send an email and get your thoughts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Well , there you have it. How long was the steep? I can buy local honey right near me. Thank you very much. Hello Rosa! There I can look up the active constituents and their actions in the body, then ask Uncle Google to tell me what kind of constituent it is (antioxidant? I can’t speak to this as I don’t know anyone else’s process. Organic Elderberries (Dried) Description . You wouldn’t care to share your ratios of ingredients, would you? Elderberry honey has the same consistency as a syrup, with all the nutrients and medicinals intact. This particular cinnamon aids in the reduction of blood sugar, which is a benefit to those with prediabetes. That’s all you’ll need to do! No need to panic! Have you had the chance to read all the comments and answers? Perhaps adding medicinal mushrooms. More? Please try that and let me know! To answer your other questions: There are many no cook fruit leather recipes on the web. I process mine by gently breaking open the skins, but never crushing the seeds. Hi Barbie! Be sure to wear an apron as the inky juices will stain clothes. My customers knew they would get the best quality products from me, because I paid such good attention to detail and only harvested plants when they were ready. The rule of the all-powerful elderberry is simply to cook before eating. We pick fresh berries and freeze until ready to work with them. we use this juice to make coconut ice cream sweetened with stevia or put it in our 9 berry smoothie with black currents, aronia, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, elderberry, honeyberry, blackberry, and a few strawberry. What exactly is this Green Goo made from. But is there a chance it was my syrup? Should I avoid eating them and look into just jams and what not. Thank you for your question! To go further, harvesting the plant at the right time adds even more advantages. I realised that i must have been a fee days too early as id say i had about 20-30% red berries the rest were completely ripe. Some are valid, some not. We don’t eat them daily and had some yesterday as well. Sure, it takes work, but I can tell you that my remedies WORK! I‘m trying to think how to separate the seeds from the berries for a pie. I came across your website and article on dried elderberry (it would you let me post this as a comment). Using the correct menstrua and processing means the difference between effective medicine and medicine that doesn’t work. I want to keep my medicines as simple as possible. Cedar Mountain Herb School is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Herb Association. “Honey is hygroscopic which means it draws water to it. I have explained everything to you in detail, leaving nothing out. I’m not completely sure what you’re asking, however. What proof alcohol was used? Thanks! I know this question is not really related to the post but I just made my winter tonic which is a combination of elderberries, ginger root, echinacea and other herbs and they have been brewing for about 4 weeks now if a half glycerine and half wishky concoction. Wild foods are packed with polyphenols! need dried elderberries (unless you are blessed to have access to fresh elderberry Hello Susan, The berries put out quite a lot of juice, so you wouldn’t need to heat them to get the honey and ginger to fully incorporate with the juice. Hello Julie! How many times have we gotten sick and panicked? I’m smelling a little bit of fermentation smell, but my husband doesn’t think it’s safe to use for elderberry and thinks I should pick fresh and start over. Depending on how vigorous you were in your mashing, would depend on whether you broke open seeds. The residual hairs left on the hips will float to the top, and you can pour them off. Roll the berries around in a bowl and blow off the stems using the low and cold settings on a blowdryer. Hello Yurika! Then put the juice and the honey/ginger…and maybe some cloves and/or citrus peels?? I’ll write an article with more info and get it up on the new website within the month. I won’t go farther with my answers until I hear back from you. We don’t really know the truth about the people who were poisoned. Tightly cover the jar with a plastic lid, or with a piece of parchment paper between the metal lid and the vinegar if making an oxymel, and put it on a dish as there may be some leakage. Hi there. With purchased herbs, none of that is guaranteed. Would consuming dried elderberries in this way (no heat) be okay…safe for consumption? glycoside?, etc) and then its solubility. Please refer to the article for more information. 1. I’ve been eating raw blue elderberries for years and am alive to tell the tale without a single issue. Honey is acidic and this acidic nature is what preserves the syrup (and elixir). When I did make dried plant tinctures years ago, I used 1 part plant material to 3 parts alcohol. I think the food mill may serve the same purpose as you turn the handle. Pick through the dried elderberries and remove any twigs or unripe berries. When I read that, I thought, “Here’s a girl after my own heart!” Yes, I treat rose hips just as I do the elderberries, and always process them fresh. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and life-long learning. In my case, if I’m using dried plant material to make a syrup, I use honey vs sugar. I got to thinking ..all this heat can’t be good ..and as you habe stated, it’s not.