Indoor plants. When sun and good moisture are provided, it will… add to wishlist. These are effectively clones, … Grow in a frost-free area in rich, moist but well-drained soil, in sun or part shade. I can't believe I haven't posted this subject before. Do not leave this process until the night before the first frost. Quantity 1 Plus Minus. Ideal Conditions: Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost. White flowers are borne in inflorescences 3 to 4 feet long. The common name is the Red Abyssinian Banana, but in the nurseries, they’ll most likely have the Latin name which is Ensete vetricosum maurelii. Narrative Description: Large waxy fronds on this "banana-like" plant which turn almost totally purple with age. Spicy fragrances, honey scents, ... perfume your garden! Bold-colored foliage has wine-red and bronze tones with prominent venation. Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ is a fast growing, very jungly plant also known as the Red Abyssinian banana. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' (Red Banana) - Ensete is native to Ethiopia and has long been a popular choice for creating tropical effects in ornamental plantings. Details E. ventricosum is a tender perennial with erect, narrowly oblong leaves to 3m in length, the midrib red beneath, and white flowers hidden amongst deep red bracts, but rarely produced in cultivation However, it won’t survive any frost, so you need to take action in autumn to ensure it survives the winter. The process involves removing the majority of leaves. Ensete ventricosum Maurelii $22.00 Red-leaf Abyssinian banana Closely related to true bananas is this gorgeous, sought-after Abyssinian banana whose leaves can reach up to 15' long by 3' wide, though in containers or as an annual, 5 or 6' long is more likely. Az Ensete ventricosum Maurelii egy banán, amely méretének, kivételesen nagy leveleinek és csodálatos vörös színének köszönhetően az egyik legkedveltebb fajta hazánkban. The Ensete ventricosum Maurelii, also called Red false banana, is a gigantic perennial that is very much in demand for its huge red-tinged leaves of great beauty. UNAVAILABLE email me when available. 12cm pot £19.99. Musa ensete rubra ) 5 5 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star (10 reviews) Write review. Read customer reviews. Perennial; Tender; Grows at an amazing rate in summer, producing truly stunning, huge, thick, dark green leaves, heavily flushed with burgundy shades. It is unbelievably fast growing and has carmine red undersides to the ribs of its huge leaves. False Banana. Fragrant delights. Cultivation. Perfect for large patio containers. Plant in a location sheltered from … A relative of the banana plant, Musa ensete is commonly called Abyssinian banana. More info. Ensete ventricosum Maurelii -Abyssinian banana Plant in 9 cm Pot. Cheesman is the correct and accepted scientific name for this plant. Alternative Names: comm. Musa Red Abyssinian Banana - Ensete ventricosum Maurelli. Digging the plants out of the ground and transferring them to pots for the winter. Lágyszárú évelő, vastag gyökértörzsű növény. Don’t let the fancy Latin name scare you. Spectacular in an exotic-style garden. Levélhüvelyei törzset alkotnak. Ensete ventricosum ‘maurelii’ is the red leafed species and will grow to a 6m. Overwintering Red Banana Plants – Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ 7 Comments. Red Abyssinian Banana Tree Ensete Ventricosum. They can reach heights of 8 to 10 feet, perhaps even 12 in the best of situations, and take full sun with medium moisture. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' red abyssinian / Ethiopian banana ( syn. It was documented as such by Ernest Entwistle Cheesman in the Kew Bulletin in 1947. Product ref: PP76377. White flowers are borne in inflorescences 3 to 4 feet long. It can be used as a summer bedding plant in cooler climates. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' Consumer Information. Overwintering Ensete Ventricosum. Seeds of this form came from cultivated plants in the Andes in South America and are easily up to four times as big as regular Ensete ventricosum seeds. Wait!!! Architectural, Containers, Greenhouse, Sub-Tropical. Corm Division . This perennial is semi-evergreen so it can lose some of its leaves in winter. Evergreen in … As E Maurelii is a cultivar of E ventricosum, it is not grown from seed, instead being grown vegatively by cutting the parent down, or more commonly now, from tissue culture. Then this Red Abyssinian Banana has to be it. Ensete leaves grown in a spiral from the short central stem and resemble banana leaves, except they are reddish, with a strong red midrib. Ensete Ventricosum 'Maurelii' is a banana-like perennial has large paddle-shaped leaves, that range in color from deep claret brown to red-purple to pale green, produced from the center of the plant, having thick midribs with bright red undersides. With its large and colourful paddle like leaves, Ensete Maurelli is a great way to liven up a corner or as a garden centrepiece. Musa ensete (Ensete ventricosum) grows 8 to 15 feet tall with leaves that grow up to 10 feet long. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' Sku #6200. Read customer reviews. This massive banana whose trunk can reach three feet in diameter is a real botanical curiosity. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' - comm. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' en-SET-ay ven-trih-KOE-sum Audio This banana-like perennial has large paddle-shaped leaves, which range in color from deep claret brown to red-purple to pale green, produced from the center of the plant, with thick midribs bright red beneath. Conclusion : Our winters are just too long and the coldest nights are more than the Wild Ensete can take, However, the the Ensete ventricosum cultivars are bred to produce crops higher up into the mountains, up to 3,300m (10,750ft) and some are capable of taking several degrees of frost. Red Abyssinian Banana Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ En-SET-ee (ay) ven-tre-KO-sum ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY AWARD OF GARDEN MERIT. Used widely as a landscaping foliage plant Ensete ventricosum do not like exposed windy positions and will die back in winter in colder climates at the first sign of frost. Home > Banana trees > Outdoor banana trees > Ensete ventricosum maurellii. Musa ensete rubra ) 12cm pot: £19.99: 12cm pot £19.99: Quantity: available to order from spring 2021. email me when in stock. The wine-red coloring of the top of the large, 10 to 12 foot long leaves and leaf stems combined with the 12 to 15 foot tall pseudo-trunk make this large tropical unique. Ensete ventricosum Maurelii: The Red Abyssinian Banana. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' red abyssinian / Ethiopian banana ( syn. Adequate coloration depends on getting plenty of sunlight, so expect it to redden up in the summer. Seeds for sale starting at € 8.10. Ensete ventricosum (formerly Musa ensete) 'Maurelii' - Red Abyssinian Banana Rapid growing upright evergreen broadleaf tree to 10-20 feet tall. Last year I took on a propagation project with my Ensete Banana plant. A stunning palm-like plant with huge, broad leaves that fan out from a single trunk. It was first described as Musa ventricosa Welw. Out of stock. Available in traditional green (Ensete Ventricosum) or with a rather fetching reddish tinge (Ensete Ventricosum 'Maurelii'). Posted on October 8, 2015. False Banana. Looking for that tropical feel with a splash of colour? Ensete ventricosum can be grown from seed. Water: Like bananas, these like lots of water. available to order from spring 2021. Lovely purple stems and red purple leaf veins and edges when planted in full sun. Nem hoz tősarjat, mint a közönséges banán. Propagating Ensete ventricosum (Banana) - Corm Division Propagating Ensete ventricosum . Overwintering of Ensete Ventricosum is possible if you have a frost-free greenhouse at your disposal. A great new colour addition to our range of architectural foliage bananas for tropical-garden look. Suggested uses. Though not hardy it can be grown outside duriing the summer months either planted out or in a large container. Red banana plants (Ensete ventricosum, also called Abyssinian banana) are herbaceous perennials from the Musaceae family hardy to zones 10 to 11. Some of us are not in a climate that allows us to grow tropical plants outside year round. A popular choice for tropical-inspired gardens. It's that time of year again. The red Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’) is a magnificent plant with huge red-tinged leaves, ideal as the centrepiece in a tropical-themed border. ... Ensete superbum. Gift cards. Both plants grow large very quickly, making them by far my favourite landscaping plants. Needs a little shade from strong midday summer sun. Ensete Ventricosum or Abyssinian Banana - the über plant of the subtropical world. Offer a gift card . by Friedrich … Likes sun or partial shade and ample water, Plant dies after bloom, best to replant. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' - Red Abysinnian Banana. £19.99. This is the tender banana plant that I was telling you about in the introduction. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' (Ethiopian black banana) will reach a height of 6m and a spread of 5m after 10-20 years. Small Ensete are now available from Garden Centres and DIY stores. A great new colour addition to architectural foliage Bananas for tropical garden look; Lovely purple stems and red purple leaf veins and edges in full sun; Leaves reach 75cm long eac year - … Large waxy fronds on this "banana-like" plant which turn almost totally purple with age. Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' - Red Abysinnian Banana. More info. Hello Visitors, Every year, several tropical plants from my container gardens and patio pots are overwintered. Ensete ventricosum (Welw.)