They should then go off. Try not to ignore these warnings, as some can be serious. If any remain lit or light up during your journey, then they demand your attention. The whereabouts of the icons will differ from car to car, so do use your car's user manual to familiarise yourself with the dashboard. The warning lights are based on the dashboard display diagram. 2. To fix this issue, simply check your bulbs and replace the faulty brake light bulb. An amber dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle may need attention and leaving this unchecked could cause a bigger problem later, so it's best to get these checked as soon as possible. 2002-2020 Dennis Buyacar Ltd t/a "Buyacar" - So read on for our comprehensive guide on car warning lights, what they mean, and how you should address them. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Pontiac. Many warning lights come on with the ignition and should go out just after the engine starts. But if they stay lit up while you’re driving, then you'll need to look into it. And remember that many cars want you to reset the tyre pressure monitor once you've filled up the tyres to the set figure. below to find tyres for your vehicle. To know how serious the problem is, it is useful to know what exactly is going on. A guide to understanding a cars dashboard warning lights. When it turns red, it needs refilling urgently; the car will fail to start if the AdBlue runs out completely. 543 - dash lamp. If you see the sliding car symbol flashing, then it’s in operation and you’ve probably just avoided a hairy situation. The lights are linked to sensors, so an alert can simply mean that the sensor is faulty or that it has detected a problem. Others show what looks like an ice cream cone lying across a diesel particulate filter.Back to top, What to do Check the cap is secure or replace it.MOT fail? Check the battery if it's on permanentlyMoT fail? You can request us to disclose the amount of any commission received from a lender. Guest Author. If ok, drive at reduced speed to a garage.MOT fail? The images can also look different, depending on your vehicle and model type. These lights indicate an issue with your car that needs either an immediate action or checking. Any reputable dealership will want to understand why the light is on and how much it will cost to repair - taking the costs into account when making an offer for your vehicle. Your vehicle’s dashboard light plays an important role. No. #tech; #car; #dashboard; #symbols; #list; #automobile; #lights; Cover image via Unsplash. Your car dashboard lights will indicate that something is wrong, and the colour of the light will indicate how serious the problem. The car then relies on the battery to power equipment such as the radio and ventilation fan, and to restart it when you move off again. So, what is that light on your dashboard? Lurking behind your car's speedometer is an array of warning lights, ready to burst into action the moment that an issue crops up. If this is the type of driving you normally do, you may be better off with a petrol, hybrid or electric car. IVA OK. €6.71. Sure, you'll probably be aware of the obvious ones such as the low fuel warning light, but we've concentrated on some of the more obscure ones that you might not be so sure about. Finance avail. Not all manufacturers use a bottle. Color Warnings. All should be listed in your car's handbook. They will alert you if your car’s mechanical or safety systemsaren’t working correctly – and they can result in MOT failure if illuminated. Yes, The airbags and seatbelt tensioners are key safety components which is why any issue should be checked and resolved as soon as possible. The warning lights on your dashboard follow a traffic light colour system: Green: the system is working correctly or is currently in use Yellow: something is not working correctly - take extra care and check it out as soon as possible No. However, diesel filters in particular can become clogged up if the car is driven predominantly on short or slow journeys, at which point you'll see this symbol of a box containing dots. Yes, While you can still brake – just – with worn pads, a fault in the braking system itself could suggest total failure is imminent. But with 50 or more different symbols used in some models, understanding what they all mean is tougher than taking your driving theory test and trying to suss out those weird road signs that you've never seen on any real road. Diesel particulate filters, for example, are fitted to most modern diesels and tend to be expensive to replace. Petrol models are normally cheaper than diesel equivalents to buy (and petrol fuel is cheaper than diesel, too), so unless you do many longer journeys you'll probably save money by going diesel. As a result, it's in your interest to find out how big - or small - the issue behind a warning light is, before going to trade the car in. We've also covered electric car warning lights and hybrid car warning lights if you've already made the move towards one of these. 397 - dash lamp . Ten common dashboard lights, indicators, or symbols 3, 4 . Warning lights usually appear in different colours on your dashboard, depending on the level of action required. The steaming coffee cup is a common symbol used to encourage you to take a break. If a sensor is at fault, then the fix can be simple too. The sensors aren't always perfect, so it still makes sense to check tyre pressures regularly. No, Modern diesel cars use an additive, called AdBlue, which is injected into the exhaust where it reacts with toxic pollutants and converts them into harmless air and water. March 1, 2019 . If you can't see the instrument panel, you won't be able to tell how fast you're going, how much gas you have left, how your engine is … Dash Warning Lights. If one or more lights stay on when the engine is running, they’re indicating there’s a problem. If the warning light, showing an exclamation sign in a circle with a line through it, comes on, take it to a garage immediately. Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside the vehicle’s system, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed. And with more than 60 different car warning lights … If the car is particularly old, it's possible that the repair bill could cost more than the car's worth. A red dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle requires immediate attention, especially the lights relating to the engine, airbags or brakes. A warning light flashing up on your dashboard has always been something which should make you stop, check your car and maybe consult your manual. When the light remains on, it’s likely to indicate a fault.Back to top, What to do If you didn't switch it off, have the system checked as soon as possible.MOT fail? We have featured common images below, but bear in mind that your car may not use identical lights for the same issues. For instance, they could be telling you which lights are being used or whether your windscreen wipers and handbrake are on. So it's best to find out exactly what the problem is and then you can work out what to do - if anything - next. If you are worried at all about a car dashboard warning light and would like to get it checked, then you can book a car diagnostic test online to take place at a National Tyres and Autocare branch local to you. Yes, This system is a critical safety aid. So, when it shows up right there, it means that the pressure in one or … To book a diagnostic check at your local National Tyres and Autocare branch, please click on the green button below. Ignoring a light could lead to serious damage, as well as your car failing its MOT. You'll often see a service symbol with a mileage countdown, showing how far you can drive before the service is due.Back to top, What to do Top up your car's AdBlue tankMoT fail? The symbol shows an airbag inflating in front of a passenger - not a pilates class.Back to top, Not to be confused with the low engine oil level light, which is amber, with a wavy line underneath the dripping oil can symbol, this one is much more serious, as it means oil isn’t being pumped around the engine. But now, cars have become as sophisticated as you can imagine. Knowing what to do if one suddenly appears could save you finding yourself at the side of the road with smoke billowing from under the bonnet. However, if the warning light indicates a failure of a major component, then it may be time to say goodbye to your car. And don't worry; often a warning light is just that - a warning. Add to compare list Add to wishlist. Speaking of your anti-lock brakes, if this “ABS” warning lights up while you’re driving, it means that something is wrong with the system. Finance avail. As car technology develops and more functions are added, it is inevitable that there is a greater chance that something goes wrong. If it runs out between services, then it must be refilled. This isn't normally a fault, but your car preventing itself from running the battery down in heavy traffic. ABS prevents the wheels locking up under heavy braking in slippery conditions, enabling you to retain steering control and brake in a shorter distance. diameter max 30mm, height from panel approx 40mm. The symbol of a dripping oil bottle is a sign that you need to top up. If you've left the key in a jacket that's been placed in the boot, you may see this alert of an exclamation mark over a key - telling you to bring the key fob closer. There are a number of different symbols your dashboard might display, and you should always pay careful attention to make sure your vehicle is safe and in good condition. It's easy to see if you've switched it off by accident, and should will also light up if there's a fault that has disabled them.Back to top, What to do Top up windscreen washer fluidMOT fail? Modern manual cars generally require you to press the clutch pedal when you start the car, which helps to prevent it lurching forward if it's still in gear. Red warning lights are the most serious, whilst amber, orange and other colours are generally less serious, but may still need looking at by a professional. What it means: This warning light means that there is low oil pressure in your car’s engine. Light 'em Up: A Guide to Common Dashboard Warning Lights Knowing what these symbols mean can directly impact your (and your car's) safety. Author Name – no part of this website may be reproduced without prior consent. The warning also helps avoid driving away without the key - if you're dropping off a passenger who has a key in their pocket, for example. (27 Nov 2020), Car Dashboard Warning Lights- Everything you need to know! Most are related to the car’s emissions control system so a problem may not be apparent or urgent but you should get it checked as soon as possible. Why should you never ignore Dashboard Warning Light? IVA OK. €6.71. As well as the above, please ensure that you also check your vehicle handbook to guarantee you are viewing the correct warning lights for your car or van.