When comparing Ubuntu vs MX-Linux, the Slant community recommends MX-Linux for most people.In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops?”MX-Linux is ranked 12th while Ubuntu is ranked 28th. hold ten stroj je uz starej. Notices: Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Re: HW nároky - Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu « Odpověď #15 kdy: 12 Leden 2008, 16:08:02 » diky. Well-chosen lightweight applications (Geary and Midori instead of Thunderbird and Firefox, for example) and the very basic Xfce desktop with the wonderful Xubuntu default settings (but no compositing, not a bunch of daemons running in the background, etc) make this old beast race along as sweet as ever. Xubuntu is based upon XFCE desktop environment while Lubuntu is based upon LXDE desktop environment. If you want to try Kubuntu, Lubuntu or any other official flavors of Ubuntu, you will end up with only 3 year of system updates. Ubuntu MATE is the equivalent of Xubuntu in lightweight system requirements, but it is better than either Lubuntu or Xubuntu because MATE desktop environment has true HiDPI support in 18.04 and later. Lubuntu and also Xubuntu are principally the distributions to get its Ubuntu. Xubuntu is relatively lightweight, as in, it's lighter than Ubuntu and Kubuntu but Lubuntu is actually lightweight. It runs xubuntu-core like a dream though! Xubuntu is dependent up on XFCE desktop whereas Lubuntu is dependent on LXDE background atmosphere. ubuntu-desktop vs. kubuntu-desktop vs. xubuntu-desktop vs. lubuntu-desktop vs. unity User Name: Remember Me? Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. But, with Linux Mint, no matter whether you use Cinnamon desktop edition, MATE, or XFCE, you get 5 year system updates. Both are the lightweight operating systems. to se mi nechce . Every aspect of Ubuntu MATE 18.04, its themes, its applications, its icons and its toolkit assets have been updated to take advantage of HiDPI. The most important reason people chose MX-Linux is: Password: Ubuntu This forum is for the discussion of Ubuntu Linux. asi pri dalsim formatovani disku dam kubuntu a skusim to hned a pokud to nepujde tak dam hned ubuntu z5 dal bych si jiny linux ale nemam moc znamych co by meli cd linuxu a stahovat a vypalovat to ? These two would be the most light weight working processes. Published on July 1, 2019 By: Harold G. Lubuntu and Xubuntu are basically the distributions for the Ubuntu.
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