VOTES: 816 FACILITY: The Club at Ibis, West Palm Beach, 14.) FACILITY: Grayhawk Learning Center (Grayhawk G.C. KEVIN WEEKS (42) VOTES: 363 You can do the entire program with a computer, books only, or a combination of both. ▶ T-50.) VOTES: 1,233 VOTES: 759 SCOTT HAMILTON (30) 47.) VOTES: 428 42.) ▶ 27.) FACILITY: McDowell Mountain G.C., Scottsdale. ), Scottsdale. 49.) FACILITY: Caves Valley G.C., Owings Mills, Md. LESSON RATE: $300/hour Certified Golf Teaching Professionals … … ), Henderson, Nev. PIA NILSSON (T-14) Teachers often offer a lower price per lesson when you buy a package of several lessons at one time. 2018 Ranking in parentheses JIM SUTTIE (35) "Golf Pros on the Web - Find a Pro Near You" PGA Pros com: Golfers. FACILITY: Cog Hill G. & C.C., Lemont, Ill. The name “Professional Golf Teachers Association of the United States”, formerly operated by National Golf Schools has ceased to exist after a settlement was reached between the parties. LESSON RATE: $20,000/day For this reason, the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors® (NRPGI™) has sought, since it’s organization in 1999, to protect the interests of this segment of the public by setting standards and training persons as golf teachers. It’s your choice. GRANT WAITE NRPGI-Certified golf teachers are dependable and competent educators who have agreed to abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics at all times. FACILITY: Toski Golf, Lake Worth, Fla. LESSON RATE: $10,000/day FACILITY: Vision54 (Talking Stick G.C. 29.) CRAIG SHANKLAND (T-46) The program builds upon the knowledge you already have by giving you a pattern to follow for teaching in a systematic, professional manner. VOTES: 636 You study at home, practice the techniques with your own students at your local driving range or other suitable location and then send in your completed work for grading. LESSON RATE: $450/hour Jump start your golf teacher career today! Either way, you owe it to yourself and your students to consider the significance and importance of earning your golf teacher certification. Professional Golf Instructor Terry Crick - Head Golf Professional. $87 – Annual Dues (non-refundable) LESSON RATE: $350/hour LESSON RATE: $1,000/hour ), Scottsdale. BRIAN MANZELLA (29) FACILITY: David Leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate, Orlando, 5.) FACILITY: Plane Truth Golf at BlackHorse G.C., Cypress, Texas, RELATED: Golf Digest's new list: The Best Teachers in Every State, 15) TODD ANDERSON (T-14) LESSON RATE: $200/hour Step 1 (Request your FREE No-obligation Information Packet), Copyright © 2020 National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors - NRPGI. Top instructor David Leadbetter's rate was $10,000 for a half-day, and $50,000 and up for a full day of t… ▶ 11.) T-50.) Golf teachers who successfully pass the program are authorized to identify themselves by the designation NRPGI-Certified. Regardless of who is teaching, private instruction is always more costly than couples’ lessons or small group lessons (usually up to four people). Another former Woods instructor, Butch Harmon, had a 2006 rate of $600 per hour. You can take up to two years, but it shouldn’t take that long. FACILITY: Golf Academy at Shadow Ridge C.C., Omaha, 13.) VOTES: 1,314 LESSON RATE: $250/hour Here are some examples of average golf lesson … LESSON RATE: $200/hour But each biennial survey has proved to be a sensitive tool for measuring the emerging prominence of teachers joining the national instruction conversation. BOB TOSKI (18) He has been a top teacher in GA for over 25 years, and was elected in the Georgia Golf … LESSON RATE: $600/hour You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. VOTES: 1,021 After only a few lessons from Justin, I improved my golf scores by an average of 10 fewer strokes, and I’m continuing to improve. VOTES: 363 Yes. No suggestions to improve. VOTES: 370 The registry will spend as much time as is necessary to help you develop your golf teaching technique. 282 Golf Instructor jobs available on And many of the fast-rising and new members of the group are building their reputations and profiles in different and less-traditional ways—from short-game and coaching specialization to scientific research and reaching the masses through social media. I’ve been a member since 2008, and I am proud to contribute and be associated with the organization.” – Chris Warner, “Great program. VOTES: 905 6.) Request Your FREE No-Obligation Information Packet About Earning NRPGI™ Golf Instructor Certification. VOTES: 525 VOTES: 408 FACILITY: Mike Bender Golf Academy (Magnolia Plantation G.C. Golf Lessons. $50 – Application Fee (non-refundable) CHUCK COOK (3) VOTES: 408 FACILITY: Tour Striker Golf Academy at Raven G.C., Phoenix, 37.) VOTES: 502 Joe joined the golf instructor ranks of Haggin Oaks in early 2011, but has had a long and impactful career in golf many years before that. LESSON RATE: $450/hour MARTIN CHUCK Golf Instruction Golf Equipment & Supplies. in Austin. LESSON RATE: $200/hour 1 nationally for the 10th time in the 11 surveys we’ve done since 2000—and the nearly 1,000 talented rank-and-file teachers on our best-in-state-lists who fix swings near you. In this way you put to practical use the knowledge you have gained from your studies. LESSON RATE: $500/hour Employers and students recognize your NRPGI credential because it is through an accredited program. Or, maybe you’re already a golf teacher. LESSON RATE: $300/hour Read testimonials and comments from colleagues and members. LESSON RATE: $500/hour FACILITY: Blackburn Golf Academy at Greystone G. & C.C., Birmingham, Ala. VOTES: 3,130 Perhaps the most sought after instructor in the … Total: $597 DAVID ORR VOTES: 489 "NRPGI™" is a trademark and "National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors®" is a registered trademark in the US Patent and Trademark Office. However, all certification requirements can be completed through e-books. FACILITY: GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, Colo. ▶ T-33.) Professional Golf Lessons Our golf instructors are PGA affiliated and Trackman certified and have experience teaching students of all abilities. PGA National knows how to golf. STAN UTLEY (25) Teachers often offer a lower price per lesson when you buy a package of several … of Ocala (Fla.). The lists you see here are the summary of their collective evaluation. This program does not teach you a physical skill. Headed by PGA Director of Golf, Patrick L. McCrate they utilize the best in classic and new golf instruction techniques using the Vector Launch monitor and the V1 Digital Coaching Software, their instruction … VOTES: 619 26.) Find a golf professional in your area with our "Find a Pro" search feature. We asked more teachers to vote in our two-tiered national and regional survey than ever before—more than 1,500—and expanded the palette of local instructors they could evaluate beyond the borders of their states. VOTES: 358 LESSON RATE: $200/hour At the end of each lesson is a test that you take then send to us for grading. Here I will discuss the golf swing, golf architecture, golf equipment, golf courses, golf Professionals and the general state of the game. 30.) He makes sure to focus the lesson on where you feel you need to improve and modifies his lessons to fit your swing. A golf instructor can help you work on your swing, as well as provide you with valuable golf tips for tackling awkward holes. Definitely not! LESSON RATE: $250/hour Cse., Long Beach, Calif. 8.) FACILITY: Rick Smith Golf Performance Center at Trump National Doral, Miami. FACILITY: Jim McLean Golf School at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, Fla. Your course instructor will work closely with you to ensure you are progressing satisfactorily and passing all the tests. You progress at your own pace. You may book as many lessons as you wish. USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional® Certification. The results reveal both the giants in golf instruction—like Butch Harmon, who was voted No. VOTES: 739 FACILITY: Butch Harmon School of Golf (Rio Secco G.C. Thanks!” – J. W., The Villages, Florida. Offering a variety of golf lessons and training techniques, PGA National Resort & Spa is a leader in golf instruction for the casual to the serious player. If you fail a test you will be given the opportunity to submit a make-up test consisting of those questions missed. VOTES: 1,268 LESSON RATE: $190/hour Golf Professional Rusty Bacigalupi offers group lessons at the Municipal Golf course. VOTES: 521 I look forward to working with students to help them have a better understanding of the game of golf.” – R. B., Totowa, New Jersey, “NRPGI is a great way to get started in a profession of a lifetime. It's time to fine-tune your game with the help of Golf Galaxy. ), Lake Mary, Fla. T-39.) VOTES: 350 MARK BLACKBURN (35) Enroll today for a personal golf lesson with one of our PGA or LPGA pros. The program is available online AND you will receive traditional books for study. 20.) ▶ T-45.) TONY RUGGIERO LESSON RATE: $400/hour Golf Professionals on the Web! BILL HARMON (22) 19.) MICHAEL HEBRON (23) FACILITY: Smithtown (N.Y.) Landing G. Cse. FACILITY: Westlake G. VOTES: 555 FACILITY: Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools, Austin. Golftec. FACILITY: C.C. PETER KOSTIS (43) You can get help for other routine matters (e.g. LESSON RATE: $200/hour LPGA Professional Golf Instructor, Teaching Professional at The Philadelphia Cricket Club Director of Instruction at Eagle Ridge Golf Course. Thus, costly travel to a testing site is completely eliminated. Guaranteed improvement and knowledge of your golf game. Some have completed the course in one month. LYNN MARRIOTT (24) Enjoy five hours of golf instruction with top 100 golf instructor Steve Oostrom. 31.) FACILITY: Stockton Golf, Redlands, Calif. ▶ 41.) MIKE BENNETT (36) Not quite ready to start golf lessons from a PGA Coach? The members of Golf Digest's newest 50 Best Teachers list can certainly be found in the traditional places and playing their traditional roles—working with the greatest players in the world on PGA Tour ranges and sharing decades of acquired wisdom from the most prestigious practice facilities on the planet. Basically, certification is a process that gives recognition to golf teachers who meet certain standards. If your performance on the make-up test brings the total percentage of right answers above the passing mark, we will record a grade of 70, and you continue the course. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. 28.) 18.) TRILLIUM ROSE HANK HANEY (8) FACILITY: Stack & Tilt Miami at Turnberry Isle, Aventura, Fla. VOTES: 388 FACILITY: Vision54 (Talking Stick G.C. CLAUDE HARMON III (12) LESSON RATE: $200/hour Cse., Westlake Village, Calif. Also, NRPGI is a United States Golf Association Member in Good Standing. Being the 5th female to graduate Keiser University of Golf as of 2014, I have learned a lot … LESSON RATE: $300/hour Torrey Pines Staff Golf Instructors Book a private lesson today with our qualified PGA and LPGA Golf professionals and begin your journey to lower scores and a more enjoyable time on the golf course. LESSON RATE: $350/hour This week, LPGA Professionals Class A Instructor Megan Padua teaches an easy golf song to help you enjoy hitting better golf shots. JIM HARDY (9) Joe spent much of his career in education and coached golf both at the high school and collegiate ranks- most recently for Cosumnes Community College. VOTES: 844 FACILITY: Scott Hamilton Golf Academy at Cartersville (Ga.) C.C. 23.) LESSON RATE: $600/hour LESSON RATE: $450/hour 22.) The best instructors in the world work with touring pros on the PGA, European and LPGA tours. 32.) DAVE PHILLIPS (37) MICHAEL BREED (13) The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America is and always will be the foremost 100% professional golf teaching certification institute … VOTES: 1,611 ), Lake Mary, Fla. 17.) VOTES: 588 What does certification mean to you and to a parent or student contemplating hiring you as their golf teacher? RANDY SMITH (31) TIM WEINHART, PGA PROFESSIONAL PGA Golf Instructor Tim moved to Atlanta in 1981, turned professional at 19 and became one of the youngest PGA members in the country to earn the PGA’s highest ranking of Class “A” at the age of 23. ANDREW RICE (34) LESSON RATE: $350/hour No, you DO NOT need a computer. LESSON RATE: $300/hour LESSON RATE: $800/hour I have received an offer to work at a golf course in Massachusetts. To ensure golf teachers meet basic standards, the NRPGI produces and administers a training and certification program consisting of 267 learning objectives with training exercises. FACILITY: LPGA International, Daytona Beach. VOTES: 711 Lessons include 45 minutes of private instruction, including video analysis where appropriate, plus golf club rental and shoe rental. LESSON RATE: $300/hour FACILITY: James Leitz Golf at Tchefuncta C.C., Covington, La. Joe Lukawski, Teaching Professional. BOYD SUMMERHAYS MIKE BENDER (6) 44.) Yes. different web browser. We will grade the tests and return them with helpful feedback. VOTES: 499 VOTES: 334 What does a great golf instructor look like? Golf teachers directly affect the lives of both children and adults. Regardless of who is teaching, private instruction is always more costly than couples’ lessons or small group lessons (usually up to four people). At the five-day on-site USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional® course, you will learn all aspects of teaching the game including the full swing, faults and cures, short game, rules of golf, ball flight laws, golf psychology, clubfitting, video analysis and marketing techniques. T-50.) ▶ 43.) If you have a question about your studies, you can submit it to your instructor by mail using the specially prepared Request Form or by e-mail following the same format. Terry is known for his unwavering dedication to providing high-end guest service. 48.) (Dues and fees subject to change without notice.). The 2019-’20 rankings are our most ambitious yet. MARTIN HALL (11) It teaches you how to teach others a physical skill. CAMERON MCCORMICK (5) Lessons include a half hour of personalized instruction. It has never been harder to fit one into some kind of standard teacher template. DAVE PELZ (33) With the NRPGI there are no hidden charges. FACILITY: PGA Tour’s Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, 16.) VOTES: 444 This new career started in 2014 after discovering that I have a gift to see things in a swing. NICK CLEARWATER FACILITY: Grayhawk Learning Center, Scottsdale, 21.) Our teaching approach is focused on you—individual lessons are specially designed for your skillset, whether you're a novice or seasoned golfer. Golf pros on the web - Find a pro search feature, golf pro web pages, tips, articles, proshop and more. Mailing List. Golf teachers directly affect the lives of both children and adults. VOTES: 590 DAVE STOCKTON (28) VOTES: 384 VOTES: 479 7.) VOTES: 366 For a golf teacher certified by the NRPGI, the road to certification was both challenging and rewarding. 4.) 24.) VOTES: 1,234 FACILITY: The C. at Savannah Harbor, Savannah, Ga. 9.) LESSON RATE: $400/hour Golf Instructor: Golf Etc. MIKE ADAMS (2) LESSON RATE: $200/hour FACILITY: Malaska Golf at Superstition Mountain G. & C.C., Gold Canyon, Ariz. Top Golf Instructor Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or use a Professional golf lessons and programs are available for all ages, including our Junior Golf & Sports Summer Camp. LESSON RATE: $500/hour LESSON RATE: $250/hour Once certified you are only obligated to pay yearly membership dues, which is a requirement with all certification organizations. Justin is a great instructor that has improved my game tremendously. VOTES: 1,149 LESSON RATE: $15,000/day LESSON RATE: $265/hour The primary instructor for our group was Michael Major, a PGA Class A pro, Dr. Barry Lotz, the Associations’ director, author and marketing wiz, Andrew Baker, a club-fitter, Mike Stubbs of Astar Inc. (video instruction) and Brandon Conway, another PGTAA instructor. So, as you can see, when it comes to providing parents and students with the best value, certification is the golf teacher’s best friend. By taking and passing the free, no-obligation qualifying aptitude test/entrance exam, you prove that you have a good understanding of golf. FACILITY: C.C. Find a Teacher near you. Experts on the business and game of golf. To earn your certification you must achieve a score of 70% or above for each test. FACILITY: University of Texas G.C. Appropriate golf attire is required. With home study you complete all requirements for certification in your home and at your local driving range or other suitable location. According to a 2006 Golf Digest survey, Hank Haney charged $400 an hour, a rate set before he became Tiger Woods' instructor. LESSON RATE: $1,500/hour FACILITY: Royal Oaks G.C., Dallas, 38.) Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we will assist you in finding one. 25.) FACILITY: Brian Manzella Golf Academy at English Turn G. & C.C., New Orleans. VOTES: 655 VOTES: 1,499 by calling our toll-free membership services number during regular office hours. LESSON RATE: $150/hour JAMES SIECKMANN (16) Below you will find a list of frequently ask questions. Learn from pro golf teachers. FACILITY: The Golf Academy at TwinEagles, Naples, Fla. RELATED: An exclusive, 12-part video series with Tiger Woods, ▶ 36.) 3.) Many of our members are working at country clubs, resorts, and other facilities. LESSON RATE: $250/hour ▶ T-45.) FACILITY: Stack & Tilt Miami at Turnberry Isle, Aventura, Fla. Improve Your Golf Skills. RICK SMITH (45) FACILITY: Jacobs 3D Golf at Rock Hill G. & C.C., Manorville, N.Y. ▶ T-33.) John Wagner is a certified golf instructor and professional golfer with more than 10 years of experience. CHRIS COMO (17) Discover Golf One Day Experience. Professional Golf Instruction LaFortune Park Golf Course has assembled a top notch team of professional instructors. JIM MCLEAN (4) LESSON RATE: $750/hour Most instructors earn certification within two or three months. The biennial process is powered by the Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee, and is the only national golf instructor search that combines outside academic and PGA peer review. MIKE MALASKA (19) FACILITY: Sean Foley Performance at EaglesDream (Timacuan G.C. These are golf instructors who have held high professional ranking and have a good reputation. Whether you are interested in junior golf lessons, beginner golf lessons or advanced golf coaching programs we can provide the right fit for you. I think Hogan would be, too.” – Curt Sampson, “I believe this experience with your program was very personal and interesting. FACILITY: El Dorado Park G. These are golf instructors who have held high professional ranking and have a good reputation. VOTES: 1,010 DAVID LEADBETTER (7) “I am impressed with the thoroughness and insight of the NRPGI instruction program. By Swing Man Golf Staff. FACILITY: Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge, Lewisville, Texas. BUTCH HARMON (1) LESSON RATE: $500/hour Apply to Instructor, Junior Instructor, Senior Instructor and more! BERNIE NAJAR (41) VOTES: 334 FACILITY: Michael Breed Golf Academy (Trump G. Links at Ferry Point), New York City. He leads a strong professional … ANDY PLUMMER (26) 2.) ▶ New To The Ranking. For this reason, the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors® (NRPGI™) has sought, since it’s organization in 1999, to protect the interests of this segment of the public by setting standards and training persons as golf teachers. LESSON RATE: $500/hour If you do not see the information you are looking for please contact us by completing our Contact Form, by Email, Or Phone. Professional Golf Instructor. VOTES: 354 (502) 426-4314. LESSON RATE: $350/hour We do not offer international shipping or ship to any freight forwarder. LESSON RATE: $180/hour Your performance on the test at the end of each lesson is the primary factor considered when judging your readiness to be certified. VOTES: 1,212 Golf teachers throughout the United States and other countries are finding that with the NRPGI they always receive individualized, person-to-person attention. FACILITY: Bill Harmon Performance Center at Toscana C.C., Indian Wells, Calif. Guests of all ages are welcome, and junior golfers 17 years of age and under enjoy a lower rate. MICHAEL JACOBS (32) For everyone who loves golf. JAMES LEITZ For 20 years, Golf Digest has produced the most comprehensive instructor rankings in the game—anchored by peer evaluation from hundreds of elite teachers across the country. FACILITY: Woodmont C.C., Rockville, Md. GEORGE GANKAS T-39.) LESSON RATE: $145/hour Sundays from 2pm - 3pm; Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 students; $25 per session; Call Rusty at 561-504-3598 or visit the Baci Golf website to … This is golf's most comprehensive nationwide ranking: We've identified 651 great instructors who fix swings near you FACILITY: Butch Harmon Floridian, Palm City, Fla. FACILITY: Fiddler's Elbow C.C., Bedminster Twp., N.J. Yes. VOTES: 671 VOTES: 1,037 FACILITY: Altus Performance at Trinity Forest G.C., Dallas. LESSON RATE: $400/hour LESSON RATE: $250/hour 9 holes of golf with power cart and lunch included. VOTES: 468 This is at no expense to you. Terry Crick is an award-winning PGA golf professional entering his eighth season as the Head Golf Professional at LochenHeath Golf Club. CHERYL ANDERSON (T-46) Our programs are directed by veteran Head Golf Professional, Joe DeBock, PGA. Sean’s teaching approach takes into consideration the player’s unique goals and capabilities during each coaching … ), Scottsdale. DANA DAHLQUIST Explore other popular activities near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. FACILITY: Mike Bender Golf Academy at Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary, Fla. FACILITY: Dallas National Golf Club, Dallas; Golf & Body, New York, 10.) you need additional reply envelopes, you wish to submit your change of address, etc.) LESSON RATE: $350/hour FACILITY: TPI, Oceanside, Calif. Get golf lessons from a certified PGA coach who will provide golf instruction to players of all ages and abilities. VOTES: 521 12.) JOHN DUNIGAN (39) Website. Ponte Vedra: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL: First Assistant Golf Professional: NASHUA COUNTRY CLUB: Nashua, NH: Assistant Golf Coach: Whitman College: Walla Walla, WA: Head Golf Professional And Assistant General Manger: Sadaquada Golf Club: Whitesboro, NY: POOL - Assistant Golf Coach … FACILITY: White Manor C.C., Malvern, Pa. 35.) It is a promise that the teacher will provide the quality services that he or she claims to offer. VOTES: 1,117 Certification shows a prospective employer that you are serious about golf and that you want to be the best at what you do. VOTES: 549 For 20 years, Golf Digest has produced the most comprehensive instructor rankings in the game—anchored by peer evaluation from hundreds of elite teachers across the country. $460 – Certification Program LESSON RATE: $160/hour Once you are certified, though, we reserve the right to check on your teaching in person. FACILITY: Pine Needles Lodge & G.C., Southern Pines, N.C. of Mobile (Ala.); Frederica G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga. Sean Lanyi is a Class “A” PGA Golf Professional, AimPoint Express Certified Level III Instructor, Putt Doctor Certified Instructor, and has recently been name one of Golf Digest’s Best Your Teachers in America. LESSON RATE: $400/hour 1.) Reasons Why You Should Take Golf Lessons While playing golf with friends offers hours of entertainment, the best way to improve your game is to take golf instruction from a professional. VOTES: 334 LESSON RATE: $300/hour LESSON RATE: $400/hour features original golf tips to guide you to the next phase of your golf journey. VOTES: 489 LESSON RATE: $350/hour Find the best Golf Instructors near you on Yelp - see all Golf Instructors open now. For some lessons you will do practice-teaching exercises at your local driving range or other suitable location with your own student (you can use the same student for the entire program). The program is self paced. All tests are open book. Many golfers in the golf world are familiar with lists like Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, Golf Digest ‘s 100 Best Teachers, Golf Digest’s America’s 50 Best Teachers, Golf … SEAN FOLEY (10)