Hickok was very well known for his proficiency with a pistol. This IWB holster is made from the same Italian leather as the BLACKHAWK! It is used to hold or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun. The outcome of gun/holster type/shooter body type/position of where worn is a variable that leads to a high number of outcomes. Other licensed open-carry bills do address the types of holsters and often incorporate law enforcement-style language like “two [three] points of contact.” Such definitions are vague and problematic at best, but the intent is to require some type of retention features to prevent an unauthorized person from snatching the handgun from its owner’s holster. When it comes to the types of holsters, there are about 7 of them worth mentioning. The Handgun Sling. There are so many different types of holsters like the one of dutch or hosia or the policeman. If you don’t carry, you can’t protect yourself or your family. So the next time you see a flashy title saying TOP 10 concealed carry holsters, make sure you understand which of the 2 main types you will get to see in there. These are holsters worn inside the waistband. It is one of the most effective holsters for the compact and lightweight C75. Galco Gunleather Company is quite a long in the holster business, and though they offer many holster types and styles, every gun aficionado recognizes Galco for their famous shoulder rigs. Use the menu to look for a particular type of holster, such as a belt holster, inside the waistband, or ankle holster. Wild Bill Hickok, outside of Jesse James, is perhaps the best known gunslinger (a term that only came into use in the 1920s) during the days of the Wild West from after the Civil War to the late 1880s. Appendix Holster. It can also be concealed under a long, untucked jacket or shirt. OWB – Outside the Waistband Holsters . There is a lot to cover on this topic, so this is a two-parter. Depending on where you’re to attach them, we have ankle, pocket, shoulder, outside the waistband (OWB), and inside the waistband (IWB) holsters. 100% Upvoted . For instance, an appendix carry holster can work...but an exposed hammer and beavertail can dig into the stomach (and not feel good!) Two types of P38 holsters were produced during world war 2; hardshell and softshell. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I dont really like the second holster we get cause it doesn’t look like we would be able to draw with our left hand. Kyle. 6 comments. They are also with different shapes and sizes. STEP 1 Choose Your Gun Type. Types of OWB holsters: The two main OWB holster styles are pancake holsters and paddle holsters. Back. Belly Bands Belly bands make it easy to conceal your firearm under your clothing. The page displayed when you select a particular category will show the various models of that style holster. This holster is effective for concealment and versatile for use. They include duty holsters, tactical holsters, concealment holsters, and sporting holsters. It features attractive stitching that complements its appearance. I exclusively use Huckleberry Tactical holsters. Types of CZ 75 Compact Holsters Shoulder Holster. Safariland® and Bianchi® design and manufacture high-quality holsters for for a wide range of markets. With the availability of many types of pistols in the market, it’s possible to get stuck between different options. The holster should be strong too, so as not to let loose the firearm if the firearm is left in it for a long time. There were three types of this holster. Those new to concealed carry may be surprised to learn there are several different types of holsters available, and each has its pros and cons. The Holster finder is a three-step process that helps you find the right holster for your pistol or revolver. Not Just Holsters. Because of the large variety of holsters, there are as many ways in which a holster can be used depending upon the user’s holster preference for their pistol. It has to securely hold your firearm so you maintain positive control over it at all times, and at the same time, it has to protect the trigger from accidental contact. Don’t use any of the types of holsters that don’t cover the trigger. Patrol or duty holsters are generally going to be belt and hip mounted. Good looks are fine, but functionality is paramount. 2 years ago Reply. The "Texas" pattern was the first and most common of the holsters and was made popular by a Texas shooter named Ben Thompson. The closure strap can be down or upwards. While law enforcement, military and citizens wear Galco shoulder harnesses equally, its popularity is owed to Hollywood and TV series. Companies like BLACKHAWK! Possible Discomfort. Thanks for the article, & thanks for the reply that makes a person rethink the information given. Different types of holsters. Don’t use any of the types of holsters that don’t cover the trigger. Types of Holster Use. Muzzle down holsters are relatively easy to draw from, but do sacrifice a bit of concealment, especially with the longer barreled handguns. Of course, any holster types are going to have some clothing styles it doesn’t work with, so you just have to find the type that works with the clothes you prefer. This thread is archived. Proudly made in the United States of America, all Urban Carry Holsters are made from 100% saddle grade leather. In choosing the right type of holster for a concealed carry, it is important to know the different types of holsters in the market today: 1. Choosing the right type of holster for your firearm is extremely important. All wartime P.38 holsters have the same hanging system, consisting of two belt loops. A huge aspect to many of our lifestyles is staying fit. A well-designed holster will provide protection to the handgun when inserted or removed from the holster or while being carried. Holsters by Type. If you choose this type, you will wear it over your shoulders, and then put the gun in the pouch that comes with it. The renowned Miami Classic is the successor of the genuine … Luckily, brands like Alexo Athletica make being able to carry your self-defense tool while working out seamless. Billy Hux can meet all your custom kydex needs. IWB. The right holster also doesn't limit the shooter to compact or subcompact pistols only; plenty of full-size guns can be appendix carried with no issues. A holster is a holder for carrying a handgun or other firearm. They … Worse yet, the rivet sometimes broke, sending the holstered weapon flying on the run, or leaving it behind on the seat of the car, or—God help you—leaving it in a criminal’s hands during a struggle. These holsters have a number of strengths to consider - pistol retention with strong-side hip holsters is very good; they probably afford the fastest presentation speed among the holster types, and provide a safe draw. This type of holster makes it easier for you to access a gun but, re-holstering might be a problem and not to forget, you need a jacket to keep the weapon hidden. The distinctions between the two types are mainly attributed to personal choice and how you prefer a gun belt. It takes you through the most effective pistols in terms of accuracy, reliability, lightweight, and ease of handling. These holsters are designed from two parts – from a gun case and a soft adjustable base that goes around your calf. These are the Safariland 6000 or 7000 model series duty holsters. STEP 2 Select Your Make, Model, and Barrel Length. Outside the waistband holsters, also called OWB, are one of the most common types of holsters available on the market. Types of Holsters for Different Uses . Start by selecting which type of handgun you have, pistol or revolver. Due to it's unique shape and proportions, there are some types of 1911 concealed carry holster that are really well-suited to concealed carry and some that are a bit harder to really pull off. Pancake Holster. Your gun holster serves three primary purposes: security, safety and accessibility. And thankfully Athleisure is a perfectly acceptable form of day wear. These leggings and biker shorts easily go from gym to night. This thing was featured in a recent article, and the vast majority of the comments have supported my thoughts that were outlined. These are excellent choices for larger framed guns with longer barrels. Leather Inside-the-Pants with Clip. The second type are the holsters that carry in the opposite direction, with the muzzle pointed down. Discussion. ConcealedNation has a good list of holsters they don’t trust, including: 1. Part one is about the most popular forms of belt/waistband carry, and next week will cover some of others, like shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, and off-body carry. After 1943, mainly softshell holsters were manufactured. save hide report. All of our holsters were designed around comfort, because we know that if you’re not comfortable, you won’t carry. You can clearly see the difference from the picture below. This is how they differ: 1) Paddle holsters. Let’s make sure that we understand a few things. However, it may be argued that 5 of them branch off the 2 major holster types – OWB and IWB. Holsters are made from a variety of materials, including leather, nylon or molded plastic. An example of these include a belt holster, which can be worn close to the body. So before we move on to specific information about the different types of “Kydex” holsters we make. A holster is typically made of leather, but can be made of a variety of other materials. Holsters / Types of Holsters. other holster types to consider concealed carry leggings and shorts. Screenshot courtesy of The Handgun Sling™ YouTube video. offer several different types of IWB holsters that are sure to fit your needs. TYPES OF HOLSTERS WORN BY FAMOUS FRONTIERSMEN Wild Bill Hickok. Kydex is used as a general term to identify plastic holsters there are several different brands of thermoforming plastic that all holster makers use. This type of holster is mostly suitable for people who want to have a backup gun place on their body, just in case of an emergency. TYPES OF HOLSTERS Holsters that are designed for handguns or pistols are made in a wide range of shapes, materials and release mechanisms. You must be comfortable with how it feels when you wear it as well as allowing you immediate access to your handgun when you need it. This thing was featured in a recent article and the vast majority of the comments have supported my thoughts. It is vitally important that you choose a carry option that is both safe and convenient for you. The typical holster made for this type of carry has a smaller overall footprint, which some people prefer. The holster was well used by many but if speed was required this rig was not what you wanted. Here is an overview of some of the different types of holsters and the people they’re designed for. They are custom-molded or universal, but they are usually suitable for smaller gun types. Hardshell holsters were produced from 1939 up to 1943. The name of these types of holsters is exactly what they suggest: OWB are held outside of your pants (usually either to your belt or via a Pros and Cons of IWB vs. OWB You have many different options for holsters and carry positions when it comes to packing a concealed firearm. Hence, based on the situation which necessitates their use and other different factors, there are four types of holsters. These holsters are generally worn by combat personnel. The holster would beat your leg to death if you didn’t hold it when you ran. duty holsters. ConcealedNation has a good list here: ———-The Handgun Sling™ Screenshot courtesy of The Handgun Sling™ YouTube video. We designed Urban Carry to ensure your safety at all times. Thanks to this article, you will have a good idea of different types of pistols. A concealed holster allows you to safely carry a handgun on your body, keeping it out of sight until you need it. Different types of holsters. Today’s Make Up Your Mind Monday is a quick overview of some of the different types of holsters commonly used for concealed carry. It was hard to draw a large pistol from the holster as the pistol had to lift several inches "up" before it could clear leather. Sling holster is a type of shoulder holster that is secured by a harness and strap across the chest, clasping around the sternum. Read on! Typically, these are worn by those that prefer an open carry and are used by the military and police. share.
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