Musa can be grown from the corm – the swollen, solid, usually subterranean base or stem. Some of the challenges of plantain farming in Nigeria and many parts of the Africa include: Inadequate land ; One of the major problems of plantain farming is the unavailability of Land used for plantain cultivation. year yet the demand for banana/plantain is all year round (Adewunmi et al, 2009). Cultivars At least 116 plantain cultivars have been identified in West and Central Africa. Hit the street and ask critical questions about plantain farming. I have tested a lot of fertilizers and the results came out as a shock. The weeds control is very important if you want your plantain to do well, the cost of weed management could account for up to. Best quality plantain chips have been obtained in Cameroon by Drip irrigation or trickle irrigation is the best form of irrigation for plantain farming and indeed most crops. In Nigeria the areas with the highest number of plantain plantation include: Edo, Delta, Cross river, Ekiti, Ogun, and other states in the tropics. For states with less rainfall, you will need irrigation preferably drip irrigation. You should harvest your plantain after 8-11 months depending on the variety. There are so many kinds or types of plantain chips slicing machines that can be efficiently used to kick-start plantain chips production business. Plantain Species In Nigeria added by Media Nigeria on March 23, 2018View all posts by Media Nigeria →. Interestingly, growth will stop altogether with temperatures 100°+ F. High temperatures and bright sunlight will also scorch leaves and fruit, although bananas grow best in full sun. Do not be deceived to employing those who claim to be experts but who do not know anything about farming. There are selected regions where plantains can be cultivated. Plantain processors make more money than those engaged in plantain farming in Nigeria. A lot of manure should be used when cultivating plantain. Your email address will not be published. All Nigerians eat plantain so it is a very marketable food product. occupies a strategic position for rapid food production in Nigeria. You can also plough and harrow the farmland. Depending on the output you’re looking at… +234 802 247 9040. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”, “Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed.”, El Salvador United Nations Office Address. A lot of people who are engaged in plantain farming get it wrong from the planting stage. What is a Plantain? Musa, because of their shallow root system, likes a mulch of leaf mold and other organic matter, added to the top of the soil throughout the growing season. 1. Plantain plants need a lot of water all year round. The plant will also need periodic repotting as the old plant dies back and new plants develop. Plantain farming in Nigeria is not a new thing, but over the years it has taken a dramatic turn in alleviating poverty and creating opportunities for agripreneurs.Million are currently been made every year from plantain farming in Nigeria, yet there is no end to it prospects because the demand for plantain and its by-product is higher than it used to be. LET’S DISCUSSED EVERYTHING ABOUT SETTING UP A PLANTAIN FARM. The plantain demand is not yet met. | Powered by WordPress, Plantain farming in Nigeria – How to make N20 million annually. With drip irrigation,, your plantain plants can get water all year round. Most Musa plants can grow at the rate of a 25cm (1ft) or more a day if conditions are right (warm weather, lots of water, fertiliser and a good rich soil). Cultivating plantain the way our forefathers did it is likely to make you lose your investment. Nigeria ranks fifth in the world for plantain production with 3,088,938 tonnes in 2016, while the harvest area is 477,304 hectares. This will make your plantain crop yield very well. Every year about 4,575 tonnes of plantain chips are produced, while the demand is about 5,250 tonnes. The price of a plantain bunch in Nigeria varies as much as 50-100% in Nigeria. Please note: There are three different types of plantain suckers which are produced by the mother plant namely; maidenheads, sword suckers and water suckers. Most varieties will stop growing when the temperature drops too low – with the exception of some very hardy varieties such as Musa Basjoo and Musa Sikkimensis. Why rain forest belt? Imagine, your plantain gets water through irrigation all year round; the yield will be 50-100% more. Never be deceived into buying uprooted plantain suckers. This type of farming is distributed in the territories from Sierra Leone to Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Plantain Suckers in Nigeria. By Media Nigeria on March 23, 2018No Comment, They fall into three groups: ... Lima beans, oats, peanuts, potatoes, cassava, yam, plantain, soybeans, rye, rice and many more. Nigerian Plantain Production. The yield can even be more than 100% if you practise fertigation. 45% of the total cost of plantain plantation management in Nigeria. This is popularly called Dodo Ikire. Learn more about plantains, their uses, and their history. They are, in fact, plantains. Modern cultivars are developed as older cultivars become susceptible to new diseases. If you can, avoid selling your plantain in local markets. As a result, the plantain chips production in Nigeria cannot meet the demand. There are hundreds of cultivars of bananas and plantains. There are good microbial inoculants and humates you can use for plantain farming. 1. STARTING A PLANTAIN PLANTATION ACQUIRING SUITABLE LANDS As stated earlier, plantains cannot be grown on all types of land. Africa is an important global producer of bananas and plantains. Rain forest and mangrove swamp zones of Nigeria receive more rainfall than all other climatic zones in the country. Introducing beneficial microbes to your soil will positively impact the yield of your crops. Infected plantain … Don’t rely only on what you read on the web. • ornamental. we specialize in snail meat [escargot],smoked catfish,palm oil, cashew nuts,plantain flour,maize flour,yam flour,cassava flour and all types of farm produces. The fruit production makes up and consists of the fourth largest fruit crop of the world.
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