Categories: Banjos, Ukuleles Tags: Deering, Goodtime. A child as young as five or six can easily get started on a Goodtime Parlor banjo. A good first banjo is likely a lower price-point open back acoustic banjo. Great for teaching youngsters to play! $749. Used - Mint Condition / Country: United States - State: MO Last Updated 11/19/2020. ... For a very basic banjo, the Goodtime Special is nice looking. Great for smaller hands or anyone looking for portability! If you want a top quality reasonably priced banjo, this is the one! The Deering GoodTime Parlor, which is best in class, and costs no more than most of its "competition," once you count in setup costs. Very lightly used Deering Goodtime Artisan II Banjo. The Parlor Goodtime allows for the standard fingering in playing a 5-string banjo, the frets are closer together so fingers don’t have to stretch as far to play the right chords. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Deering Goodtime Parlor Small 5 Strings Banjo With Blonde Slender Rock Maple - & at the … The natural satin finish is done well and gives it a very old timey look. Deering Goodtime Open Back 5 for sale NEW! It holds its own as a bluegrass banjo for anyone looking for a lighter weight option and has the looks to boot! Deering Goodtime Openback used Banjo in great condition with gigbag. It is an excellent natural maple open back banjo with Deering patent pending 20/10 tone ring. Since 5-string banjos are the most common type of banjo, we recommend beginners start with a 5-string banjo over a 6-string or tenor banjo. Without case (expired) Used - Excellent Condition / Country: United States - State: OH Last Updated 9/11/2020. In perfect condition. I do not refer to the goodtime 2 banjo as a cheap instrument, there is nothing cheap about the workmanship or quality of materials used. It features a Deering Midnight Maple fingerboard. Complete with original presentation box, … $475.00: 2019 Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-string banjo with Hard Case (sold) Used - Mint Condition / Country: United States - State: TX Last Updated 9/10/2020. The Goodtime openback banjo weighs only 4 pounds so it is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, or taking to the beach. Deering 5 string open back gigbag, never used, carry handel. Description. Only Deering puts this professional grade 3-ply maple rim in a banjo in this price range. It is an excellent open back banjo with a rock maple neck and is fitted with the Deering patent pending 20/10 steel tone ring. The Deering Goodtime Banjo is an affordable five-string open-back banjo with excellent playability and great tone. $450.00: Deering Goodtime 2 Midnight Maple. $750.00 Personally I wouldn't recommend any 19" or 20", C or D scale banjo for most purposes. Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele quantity. Add to cart. Deering Goodtime 2 5-String Resonator Banjo Banjo with P . Call us on 01484 661460 I'm only selling this because I acquired a Romero banjo. This used Deering Artisan Goodtime banjo is like brand new. I don't know if they did it at the Pickin Parlor or at the factory in CA, but it plays very well. Used - Mint Condition / Country: United States - State: MO Last Updated 11/21/2020. Why Shop With Us? Like his other products, Greg Deering designed the Goodtime 2 to provide banjo students with high-quality instruments that are easy to play and fun to learn with. Black, padded, zipped carrying case. It has barely been played. Pick it in the parlor, in the park, or any where you go -the Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo is lightweight and made with a shorter scale to meet a variety of needs for today’s banjo players! The Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele continues the success of its concert scale sibling. The total nut width is 1/4". Olde Town Pickin' Parlor | 7515 Grandview Ave, Arvada, CO, 80002, United States Deering Goodtime 5 string Banjo. Used Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo. There is also an onsite repair shop and lessons are taught daily. Deering Artisan Goodtime Parlor Banjo. It is an excellent shorter scale 19 fret open back banjo with a rock maple neck set up for playing all styles, it is lightweight and easy to handle and carry for travelling if … Excellent Condition. When buying a used banjo, you should know what features to look for. Intonation is perfect. Used Deering Goodtime Banjo in great condition for sale. SKU: UG3916156. sku: APARGOOD. The Deering Artisan parlor banjo makes a great travel banjo and also the perfect size for children to learn on. The maple in the Goodtime rim is the exact wood used in the finest violins in the world. A small 5-string banjo for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone, the Goodtime Parlor is just plain cute. g deering goodtime parlor open back banjo made in america. Deering Parlor Banjo Small 5 Strings Banjo with Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck - Banjo Kit with Finger & Thumb Picks Banjo and Banjo Tuner. A few examples include a Recording King RKO-3S, a Deering Goodtime, or a Washburn Americana B10. Deering goodtime 2 5-string resonator banjo with. A small 5-string banjo for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone, the Goodtime Parlor is just plain cute. Deering Goodtime Open Back 5 String Banjo, used . In other words, how “old” can you go back and still get the same features on a brand new banjo from a manufacturer. Headstock tuner. MINT DEERING GOODTIME 2 LEFT HAND 5 STRING RESONATOR BANJO WITH CASE. The same light gauge strings popular on all Deering banjos are used for the Parlor version so there will be no need to search for special strings to fit the banjo. This is the smallest open-back banjo we have available, weighing in at only 4 pounds and with a shorter, 19 fretted neck. Brooklyn Fine Guitars: Chris Conly Guitar Studio: Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Plectrum Banjo Goodtime Banjos Warranty Information Ordering Deering Products ... Dealer Do You Sell Factory 2nds Or Used Deering Banjos? It is tuned in G just the same as a 22 fret banjo, but it is 4 inches shorter with only 19 frets. The Goodtime 2 weighs 6 lbs., making it light and easy to travel with. deering goodtime two 5 - string banjo with resonator and hard case . Get them started early with a banjo … Artisan Goodtime Parlor banjo from Deering Banjos, San Diego USA. We sell Deering Showroom Banjos that might have been taken to a festival or trade show, then brought back home and set up again at a discount. This is something that is hit or miss in a lot of companies these days, especially for a reasonable priced instrument. Great for travel, great for kids, maybe just the right thing for you. $485.00: Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder Open Back Banjo. But don’t let its simplicity fool you: you’ll still find banjo pros playing the Deering Goodtime 2. The shorter scale means less string tension, so it will be a little easier to play for beginners. The Deering Goodtime Leader Parlor is a higher specification than the standard Goodtime Parlor banjo. Its shorter length can still be tuned to open G tuning for bluegrass.. The original customer who bought this banjo developed a medical issue and he couldn't play any more. This small 19 Fret Parlor 5-string banjo is ideal for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone. Here is where buying a Deering Banjo Company is to your advantage. Deering Banjo Help Center Set up by master luthier Nichole Alosinac (fret dressing/set up/compensated banjo bridge). Five high quality geared tuning machines make tuning the Goodtime banjo easy, accurate and fun. Cutting edge technology - the power strips utilize a transdermal delivery process making it easy and safe for maximum benefits This short scale openback banjo features premium Deering appointments like a "Midnight Maple" fingerboard and classic brown-stained 3-ply rim. Very little used, as new condition. As the notion of short-scale 5-strings becomes more accepted, I expect the Chinese-built short-scale banjos to continue to grow in number, but not necessarily in quality . Tuned to open G like the 22-fret version Goodtime, the tone of the Parlor Goodtime banjo is slightly brighter due to the shorter scale. true true. Collection in person only. site1sku116636600 site1prod116636600 116636600 site1sku116636600 Deering Goodtime Banjo Skip to main content Skip to footer. Deering’s line of affordable Goodtime banjos started out with a single open-back five-string model that was built with quality materials and produced excellent tone. Here is a banjo you can have right there by your easy chair or take out an play in a jam. The Gold Tone ones are a bit cheaper than Deering, but not much, but they have a better spec. You check it out at the Deering website:... Deering Goodtime Banjo - musical instruments - by owner - sale The Goodtime series are made in America at Deering Banjo factory! Deering Goodtime Open Back 5 String Banjo. Brands include Gibson, Martin, Collings, National, Santa Cruz, Deering, Bourgeois, and many more. This banjo is lovely to play and sounds great. The string spacing on all Goodtime 5 string banjos (except Goodtime Parlor banjos) is 5/16" between the strings. Setup Rating: 10. It is apparent to see the Deering Banjo company takes real pride in their instruments. Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo. The Goodtime series is the signature 5 string banjo of the Deering line, and is probably the most popular and widely played banjo by beginners, up to and including professional performers. Deering likes to setup the banjo for beginners with low action and light strings. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Deering Parlor Banjo Small 5 Strings Banjo with Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck (Deering Banjo Package) with Banajo Finger Picks and Banjo Tuner 5 Strings at Condition is "Used". Description Reviews (0) Description.