Straight and shows only superficial wear to the frets, fret board and wood. It sat around the basement of our house all through childhood. He offered to send it to me (I live in CA he lives in Seattle) - … This Vega Style R Whyte Laydie tenor banjo has a maple rim with tortoise plastic binding and a Whyte Laydie tone ring. Here is a 17 fret tenor banjo neck taken from a 1923 Style M Vega Banjo. The Vega Kingston Trio Long Neck is a special banjo with an incredible inlay. I've had severl Vega tenors (Little Wonders, and style N mostly) This Style F is one of my favorites, a great banjo, and an excellent value. 19" long. Just recently I started thinking of taking up banjo - and asked him about it. The serial number indicates a 1915 production date. 20 7/8" scale, dark stained curly maple, ebony fret board, pearwood peg head overlay, MOP inlays, 1 3/16" wide at the nut and 1 5/8" wide at the end. 1915 Fairbanks by Vega Tubaphone style M Tenor Banjo. He bought it new and used to play it in a folk group in college. Greg Deering found a love for the banjo from listening to the Kingston Trio and decided to make a commemorative banjo. Finance a Vega This one, like most style M's, has a maple neck. My dad has an old 1961 Vega long neck banjo. The scale length is 21" and has a freshly refretted ebony fretboard. This banjo need some work to get back into playing shape (see Details section below), or … The style F is less common than style N or Little Wonder. The 2-piece maple neck has a bound ebony fretboard with pearl dot and star inlays. The walnut stained maple banjo looks amazing and produces deep, full and sparkling sound. The neck is in good shape. Manufactured only a few years after Vega first started producing tenor banjos.
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