Lions, hyenas, and even vultures will drive a cheetah away from its kill, so a cheetah must often eat quickly or flee to avoid confrontations. They usually prey on small antelopes such as Thomson’s gazelles and impalas but also hunt small mammals and birds. In Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 90% of the Cheetahs’ hunt consists of Thomson’s Gazelle. Which Animals Like to Eat a Boa Constrictor. However, lions aren’t the only predator other animals are afraid of. The head is small and circular to aid with aerodynamics with short rounded ears rather than tail triangular ears like domestic cats and caracals. Cheetahs have some unique traits that cannot be seen in other carnivorous animals. Cheetah cubs fall prey to lions, hyenas, leopards and even jackals. These methods can reduce the indiscriminate removal of cheetahs and other predators in the landscape. Each litter will be made up of 2 – 4 cubs, with each weighing just over half a pound at birth. Tribes with cheetahs for hunting (Image above) After a cheetah kills an animal it usually begins eating at the hind quarters, which provide the greatest amount of meat. it combats this by having a tearing mark running from its eyes to the base of its jaw this acts as sunglasses. At this point, they are very vulnerable to predators such as large eagles, lions, hyenas, and baboons. This may also happen in highly arid regions such as the Sahara, wher… They also stay with their prey for about 11 hours. Also, Cheetahs do not eat from something they haven't killed, and if approached by another animal, will most of the time give up their kill in favor of getting into a fight. Cheetahs enjoy their meat, and some of their common prey animals are smaller antelopes and wildebeests, guineafowl, gray duikers, impalas, kudus, gazelles, springboks, ostriches, jackals, hares and even birds. Land Animal With the Largest Jaw Pressure. Just up from the feet is a dew claw this is using for hooking onto the prey before delivering the killer blow. Cheetahs are intelligent and knowledgeable of their limitations. Be Her Village. They then place their sharp chompers into the animals' throats and proceed to strangle. lions are also a co-operative hunter, hunting in groups, were as cheetahs are solitary hunters. With their mother distracted, these cheetah cubs come face to face with a hungry jackal. Cheetahs are relatively small cats that weigh between 85 and 140 pounds. Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal in the world and they are considered as one of Africa’s most powerful predators for their great speed when chasing their prey. Once cheetahs decide that they're ready to go in for the kill, they quickly jolt into the direction of the prey. There are plenty of information about it as you will see if you read on further. this also enables the cheetah to cool down quick after the chase so it doesn’t overheat. A cheetah loses up to 50 percent of its kills to interlopers. They are also hunted by humans for trophies and meat. The overall combination of the cheetahs physical and sensory features has made it one of the best predators in the animal kingdom because of its speed and its inept ability to catch prey as well as its skills to track and hunt prey. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. Source: The nearly 10,100 m² (2.5-acre), exhibit is also home to red-billed hornbills, a caracal, dwarf mongooses and an African rock python. That being said, a tiny population of cheetahs can be found in the Sahara desert. They are known to be one of the most friendly cat species in the animal kingdom. In the first few weeks, she moves the cubs from den to den, hiding them while she goes out hunting. With their slim build that is designed for speed, they do not have size on their side when it comes to protecting their kill from other predators. It is estimated about 10,000 cheetahs exist in the wild, while they have lost about 80% of their historic range. Reputation: Cheetahs are fast, super-evolved predators capable of running at really impressive speed. Predators of the Serengeti provides environments for some of Africa’s most endangered carnivores, including lions, cheetahs and African wild dogs. Thus, cheetahs and other predators play an important role in maintaining healthy prey populations. In areas where lions have been protected, cheetah numbers have dropped. Cheetahs are not the king of the jungle, but they sure act like one. what makes a cheetah successful predator. Cheetas do not have any natural predators that would purposely seek it for pray. In comparison the cheetahs hunting anatomy is different to a domestic cat because it is smaller and pounces rather than tripping up its prey at speed so doesn’t need a large anatomy. This is the same reason lions kill hyenas, not to eat them but to ensure more prey for the lions alone. The youngsters are especially susceptible to the dangers of predation. ( Log Out /  Their future is uncertain because of habitat loss, loss of prey and trophy hunting. With their mother distracted, these cheetah cubs come face to face with a hungry jackal. Female cheetahs will establish a large home range that may overlap with other female cheetahs. It is the largest cheetah subspecies, measuring between 110 to 135 cm from head to body. In comparison the caracal takes hearing to an extreme level and as it can hear rodents which make noises of between 40-50 kHz which is within the range of both caracals and domestic cats which hear sounds of a 100 kHz maximum. Interesting Facts about Cheetahs When cheetahs run fast they use their tails to help them steer and turn in the direction they want to … it has evolved over the years and is now able to use its physical and sensory skills to maximum efficiency. There are no known predators for adult cheetahs however they can be killed by lions rarely. Like all animal’s cheetahs have five senses these are, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. None of the … Keep reading to find out all you need to know about these wonderful animals. They also take on impalas and other small to medium-sized antelopes. Cheetahs use their eyes to track down prey animals, rather than their noses. They are especially fond of hoofed creatures. In addition to its role as a predator, cheetahs feed other animals, such as vultures, jackals, beetles, and other scavengers. Cheetahs often have features that other mammals don’t have, which makes cheetahs stand out and be very special. A cheetah’s shoulder joints are not connected to the collar bone unlike lions and domestic cats, this helps the cheetah because it gives an extended reach when running and tripping up prey. The cheetah is a valuable member of its community. It gets as close to the prey as possible; then in a burst of speed, it tries to outrun its quarry. This makes them one of the most successful African predators.. To learn more about their diet, tactful hunting approach, and need for speed, keep reading. However, these animals have gone regionally extinct in the three countries of DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi. Lone adults may hunt every two to five days, compared to a female with cubs that may make a kill daily. These predators are the lion, leopard and hyena. Sure cheetahs are not as tamable as, say, a golden retriever but if raised from a cub they are pretty friendly. Being one of the most successful hunters, it is obvious that cheetahs are the apex predators … Sometimes, too, they prey on the calves of larger animals. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When cheetahs hunt during the day they are often chasing prey straight into the glaring sun. What are cheetah's main predators? The cheetah is top of the food chain but outranked by larger and more aggressive predators and it is these predators that are a threat to the cheetah. Cheetahs are classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Predators of Cheetahs Cheetahs aren't always the predators -- sometimes they're the prey, too. In addition to its role as a predator, cheetahs feed other animals, such as vultures, jackals, beetles, and other scavengers. This makes them one of the most successful African predators.. To learn more about their diet, tactful hunting approach, and need for speed, keep reading. 8. These big … Exceptions include mother cheetahs defending their young and groups of male cheetahs teaming up to chase away other predators. This is due to a genetic mutation. There is a lot to learn about a cheetah's eating habits. Cheetahs can accelerate from 0 up to 60 miles per hour in as little as 3 seconds. The cheetah is an apex or top level predator. They closely trail prey animals, sometimes even getting as close as 50 feet away, indicates the Oregon Zoo. Friend of Haiku Deck × Error! Cheetahs also sport a dewclaw, which resides higher up on the animal’s paw.
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