"Misogynist violence at Speakers' Corner". 22 Random Acts Of Violence by Phobia, released 28 October 2008 1. A study done on Canadian High School students between December 2007 and June 2009 illustrated how the LGBTQ students feel unsafe at the school, and are exposed to insults and discrimination by their peers and sometimes even by their teachers. Often, hoplohobics were abused emotionally and/or physically as children. Death To Pigs 6. (1997). [67], Views of gender identity based on the Christian faith do not always coincide with the ideologies of transgender individuals. [142] For instance, records reflect that veterans who identify as transgender increasingly experience PTSD and suicide ideation, plans, and attempts. For knowledge about agoraphobia and cultural phobia start to What is the particular phobia? If someone shares their trans identity with you, remember that this is very personal information and it's an honor that they trusted you enough to tell you. Strong fear of a situation or thing that is extremely strong and causes anxiety is a phobia. Obviously, that is not the case. Crossing over: Liberating the transgendered Christian, Cleveland, OH: The Pilgrim Press. [34] Misgendering can be deliberate or accidental. Also called hamaxophobia or ochophobia, people suffering from amaxophobia are often confined to home or restrict their movements to places that are within easy walking distance from their home. However, he fails to resist it and may implement avoidance strategies. "[73]:228 For some years, this led to Steinem being characterized as transphobic. Claustrophobia is a type of anxiety disorder, in which an irrational fear of being unable to escape from a small, enclosed environment can lead to a panic attack. Paraphilias are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are atypical. Rose, Katrina C. (2004) "The Man Who Would be Janice Raymond.". Violence, such as that shown in The Shining, ... Like all phobias, winter phobias vary dramatically in their severity and the impact that they have on individual sufferers' lives. Meghan Murphy (15 September 2017). Phobias have little to do with danger. Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia. [23] Transgender people may also be denied service in restaurants. Transgender, gender diverse, and sexual minority adolescents (TGSA) are more likely to experience polyvictimization when compared to their cisgender peers. C)A phobia causes physiological changes, whereas fear causes cognitive changes. [119], 62% of lawsuits involving transgender people state that defendants face family problems. The young adults in this group have shown a higher risk of engaging in unprotected receptive anal intercourse when the exposure to transphobia is high. These include "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them" (Genesis 1:27) and "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God" (Deuteronomy 22:5). [49] Sweden repealed its law in December 2012,[50] and the European Court of Human Rights struck down such laws in 2017. Defined by a webster dictionary; it is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Those who experience the most physical and relational bullying victimization and emotional distress, are biologically male youth whom others perceived as very, or mostly feminine. Non-Hispanic White transgender veterans had increased odds of depression, obesity, and hypercholesterolemia when compared to BTV. Causes of the fear of the unknown phobia. However, if the fear is so prevalent as to affect your daily life, then you might have a full-blown phobia. Today, xenophobic or racial violence is not uncommon and is making headlines at an alarming rate on accounts of mass immigration and globalization. [18] Notable victims of violent crimes motivated by transphobia include Brandon Teena, Gwen Araujo, Angie Zapata, Nizah Morris, and Lauren Harries. 04/28/2014 03:19 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2014 Ayaan Hirsi Ali, writer of the film "Submission," which criticized the treatment of women in traditional Islam and led to the murder of Duch film director Theo Van Gogh, talks to a reporter in New York, Monday, Feb.5, 2007. Mantilla, Karla (1 October 2000). [65], Transgender people face particular challenges in attempting to integrate their faith with their gender identity. We all feel scared of certain things at times in our lives, but phobias are different. The way to deal with the latter depends on its cause and in case of soreness or inflammatory disease, you need to first treat the underlying issue. The analysis found associations between TGD identity and anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use, and suicidality, as well as added social stress factors such as violence, discrimination, and exclusion. Sane 8. In the early 1990s, the festival ejected a transsexual woman, Nancy Burkholder. [92][unreliable source? [121][122] Fear vs. Phobia. The "Stop the Stigma" campaign by the UN is one such development.[7]. There exist three cases of phobias †“ agoraphobia, cultural phobia (also called cultural anxiety disorder), and particular phobias. The foundation for this accepting attitude is the belief that a person is born transgender but chooses to be homosexual, thus making homosexuality a sin. It can be through Islamophobic jokes at the work place, being called a ‘terrorist’ by your classmates, dirty looks in the subway, or unintended offenses by colleagues and friends through insensitive passing comments. B)Fear relates to intangible objects, whereas a phobia is specific to tangible things. Wasted Time 13. [31], Perpetrators of physical violence against transgender people are reported to have been influenced by negative attitudes against transgender people, many of whom do not report their assault to the police. [124], Posttraumatic stress disorder is considered by the American Psychiatric Association to be an anxiety related disorder that comes from experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event or stressor, such as actual or threatened death, sexual violence, natural disasters, and crime. How do phobias and common fear differ? But the difference between a “normal” fear and a phobia is the degree of anxiety involved, and the length of time that a high level of anxiety persists.A child with a phobia has a high level of anxiety and dread—and even abject terror—when he comes into contact with the object of their phobia. [21][22] Homeless shelters, hospitals and prisons have denied trans women admission to women's areas and forced them to sleep and bathe in the presence of men. 9% reported being denied the right to use a public restroom consistent with their gender. A study conducted by Anneliese Singh and Vel McKleroy on transgender people of color revealed that difficulty finding a job or losing a job due to transphobia in workplace resulted in some of the transgender people living in crime-ridden neighborhoods, and getting involved in abusive relationships. [52], News stories from the San Francisco Chronicle and Associated Press cite a 1999 study by the San Francisco Department of Public Health finding a 70% unemployment rate amongst the city's transgender population. (For example, Massachusetts is covered by cases such as Lie vs. Sky Publishing Co. and Jette vs. Honey Farms.) This may include criticism of transitioning or sex reassignment surgery as a personal choice or medical invention, or the position that trans women are not women in a literal sense and should not be in women-only spaces. Jorgensen's precedent, he thought, encouraged the "reasoning" that led "to legal limitations upon the homosexual, mandatory injections, psychiatric treatment – and worse." People who have this phobia would have to avoid getting in trouble. [citation needed], Transgender individuals are at increased risk for experiencing aggression and violence throughout their life when compared to cis (non-transgender) individuals. ", "Trans group ATH 'condones punching feminists, "Misogynist violence at Speakers' Corner", "Historic Speaker's Corner becomes site of anti-feminist silencing and violence", "Interview With an Actual Stonewall Riot Veteran: The Ciswashing of Stonewall Must End! San Francisco trans activist and entertainer Beth Elliott became the focus of debate over whether to include transgender lesbians in the movement, and she was eventually blacklisted by her own movement. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Winn-Dixie on behalf of Oiler but a judge dismissed it. Number of different attitudes and triggers can lead to the fear of the unknown. People who experience transphobic ha Transphobia is the fear, hatred, disbelief, or mistrust of people who are transgender, thought to be transgender, or whose gender expression doesn’t conform to traditional gender roles.Transphobia can prevent transgender and gender nonconforming people from … "[44] Deliberately misgendering a transgender person is considered extremely offensive by transgender individuals. Some believe that the path to salvation is very straight and narrow, and fear that any deviations or mistakes may cause them to be eternally condemned. Search the phobia list below by the type of fear (heights, animals, activities, etc) you seek. Groups like Lesbian Organization of Toronto then voted to exclude trans lesbians. . Transphobia is not a phobia as defined in clinical psychology (i.e., an anxiety disorder). Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms reported by TGSA has shown to be a significant link between TGSA grouped by their family experiences and polyvictimization. 18% answered yes when asked if, when they went in for a check-up, "being transgender created a problem" for them. People change the way they live in order to avoid the feared object or situation. [8] [9] In addition, desensitization therapy has been shown to be a useful tool in training domesticated dogs. 23% reported that they did not seek treatment for a condition out of fear of being mistreated, while 33% did not seek treatment because they were unable to afford it. It ordinarily takes the form of a person using pronouns to describe someone that are not the ones they use,[35][22] calling a person "ma'am" or "sir" in contradiction to the person's gender identity,[36] using a pre-transition name for someone instead of a post-transition one[22] (called "deadnaming"),[37][38] or insisting that a person must adhere to the roles or norms assigned to their sex rather than the ones that align with their gender identity; for example, using a bathroom designated for males even though the person identifies as female. Top 100 Phobia […] Specific phobia disorder. [151], To help transgender people work through traumatic experiences, minority stress, and internalized transphobia, mental health practitioners have begun integrating the gender-affirmative model into cognitive behavioral therapy,[152] person-centered therapy,[153] and acceptance and commitment therapy.[14]. However, today, it is a fairly common phobia. Fear of flying is called aviophobia or aerophobia. Therefore, this psychological disorder which causes fear of flight can be overcome by obtaining more information about aircraft phobia which is among the unnecessary fears. In the opening salvo, the author Jeff Winters accused Jorgensen of a "sweeping disservice" to gay men. [45][41], A study of 81 transgender people in Philadelphia found 14% said they had been refused routine medical care because they were transgender. Abstract: Hoplophobia, the morbid fear of guns, is a real, extremely dangerous, widespread and clinically recognizable complex specific phobia with a number of unique characteristics, described.It has caused and continues to cause grievous harm in America. The term ‘phobia’ is often used to refer to a fear of one particular trigger. [110] Others, such as the American Institute of Bisexuality, say that the term "is an open and inclusive term for many kinds of people with same-sex and different-sex attractions"[117] and that "the scientific classification bisexual only addresses the physical, biological sex of the people involved, not the gender-presentation. New York: Columbia University Press. She explained that she sees trans women as women despite her views, but stood behind her position. Phobias are irrational fears related to specific objects or situations. Technically, a phobia is an extreme, irrational, overwhelming and disabling fear of an activity, situation, place, item or object (i.e., a living thing or inanimate object). Soulless Eyes 15. Transgender youth often try to cope with the stress by running away from home, dropping out of school, using drugs or self-harming. You can also learn more about phobia symptoms and what fear is. The more sensationalist examples of this include acts of violence and vandalism, but for most Muslims, Islamophobia is a lot more subtle. What are your phobias? Norton writes that the "male-to-female transgender incites transphobia through her implicit challenge to the binary division of gender upon which male cultural and political hegemony depends". ][93][94][95], Authors and observers, such as transgender author Jillian Todd Weiss, have written that "there are social and political forces that have created a split between gay/lesbian communities and bisexual/transgender communities, and these forces have consequences for civil rights and community inclusion. [119], A study conducted on transgender women of color in San Francisco has shown a higher correlation between transphobia and risk of transgender women engaging in HIV risk behavior. Anarchist Farce 9. Within the school system, many transgender teens are harassed and mistreated with reported negative effects on both victim and the school's population in general. People who suffer from agoraphobia have excessive fear of being in open spaces or being anywhere from which they could not easily leave. The more sensationalist examples of this include acts of violence and vandalism, but for most Muslims, Islamophobia is a lot more subtle. "Historic Speaker's Corner becomes site of anti-feminist silencing and violence". Geri Nettick, Beth Elliot (1996). "Trans group ATH 'condones punching feminists'". The fear can make you avoid certain places or activities. Fear of rape or rape phobia often causes women to avoid activities that they enjoy, such as going out in the evening for a play or a coffee or visiting with friends and loved ones. [46] Michigan: transgender controversy. ", "45 Years After Stonewall, the LGBT Movement Has a Transphobia Problem", "The Soapbox: On The Stonewall Rebellion's Trans History", "Yet Another News Outlet Fails Queer History 101 by Erasing Trans* People from Stonewall", "Ticked-Off Trannies," and detractors, take on Tribeca, "Feminist Solidarity after Queer Theory: The Case of Transgender", "GL vs. BT: The Archaeology of Biphobia and Transphobia Within the U.S. These organizations oppose laws and policies intended to accommodate transgender people, such as allowing them to change their legal sex, use the washroom corresponding to the gender with which they identify, or become ordained Christian ministers. [120], According to the study Transphobia Among Transgenders of Color by the University of California, San Francisco, transphobia affects the psychological vulnerability of transgender people of color as compared to those of other ethnicities. I am not an American. Abuse The Truth 12. [11][12][clarification needed], Transgender author and critic Jody Norton believes that transphobia is an extension of homophobia and misogyny. Think of domestic violence and so-called road rage as key examples of this. "As far as the public knows," Winters wrote, "you were merely another unhappy homosexual who decided to get drastic about it." Please don't ask me about curing phobias because I know little about them. Its meaning and usage parallels xenophobia. [citation needed]. B)Fear relates to intangible objects, whereas a phobia is specific to tangible things. D)A phobia leads to a greater desire to avoid the thing that causes fear. She was in danger of deportation into Guatemala where transgender people have no rights and face possible execution, but has since been granted entry.[60]. Rise Up 11. [110], Whether intentional or not, transphobia and cissexism have severe consequences for the target of the negative attitude. [14] Cisgenderism refers to the assumption that, due to human sexual differentiation, one's gender is determined solely by a biological sex of male or female (based on the assumption that all people must have either an XX or XY sex-chromosome pair, or, in the case of cisgenderism, a bivalent male or female expression), and that trans people are inferior to cisgender people due to being in "defiance of nature". During the 12 months prior to the survey, 30% of employed transgender people were either fired or mistreated for being transgender, from verbal abuse to sexual violence. For Winters, Jorgensen's story simply confirmed the false belief that all men attracted to other men must be basically feminine," which, he said, "they are not." Many kids (and adults, too) are afraid of the same things that children with phobias fear. Sears, J.T., and Williams, W.L. They also suffer discrimination from some people within the movement for the rights of gender and sexual minorities. [126] Relational and physical bullying victimization, as well as various other forms of emotional distress, are increasingly experienced by the transgender and gender diverse (TGD) adolescent population. Tanis, J. Trans-gendered: Theology, ministry, and communities of faith, Cleveland, OH: The Pilgrim Press. Expert hypnotists and psychotherapists are seeing large numbers of Sedatephobic individuals in their offices and they believe that these numbers will continue to rise in the coming decades. 17% experienced such severe mistreatment that they had to leave school. Xenophobia (from Ancient Greek: ξένος, romanized: xénos, meaning "stranger" or "foreigner", and phóbos, meaning "fear") is the fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. [119], During the month prior to the survey, 39% of American transgender people experienced major psychological distress, compared to 5% of the general population of the United States. [51], Transphobia also manifests itself in the workplace. Causes of the fear of the unknown phobia. In one case, Robert Eads died of ovarian cancer after being refused treatment by more than two dozen doctors. Two common phobias include heights and dogs. She argues that transgender people, like gays and lesbians, are hated and feared for challenging and undermining gender norms and the gender binary. Sweden and the United Kingdom has also legislated against employment discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. Violence is not an imaginary bugaboo. [53], The transgender community faces huge amount of employment discrimination due to their gender identity, and there are very few laws that protect the employment rights of this community. Desensitization is commonly used with simple phobias like insect phobia. [3][4] Transphobia is a type of prejudice and discrimination, similar to racism and sexism,[5] and transgender people of color are often subjected to all three forms of discrimination at once.[6]. [58] Lack of employment has also resulted in the transgender community resorting to illegal activities like selling drugs or sex work for the income support. The American Psychiatric Association, in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM), draws a distinction between paraphilias (which it describes as atypical sexual interests) and paraphilic disorders (which additionally require the experience of distress or impairment in functioning). [16], Harassment and violence directed against transgender people is often called trans bashing, and can be physical, sexual or verbal. It is their position that God created people's bodies as they are meant to be, that accepting transgender people would violate scripture and natural law, and that the Bible refers to male and female. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder and a person who suffers from them will feel intense distress when brought into contact with the source of their phobia — so much so that they might even experience a panic attack. ", "What is the difference between bisexual and terms like pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, ambisexual, and fluid? Polyvictimization can start in childhood and has consequences for adolescent health and thus adult health. "[78] The activist group Camp Trans had protested the "womyn-born-womyn" intention and advocated for greater acceptance of trans women within the feminist community. There are three basic types of phobias: 1. In some cases, this fear may center on a very particular type of social situation such as public speaking. In the not-so-distant past, scientists had experimented with castrating gay men. People who suffer from agoraphobia have excessive fear of being in open spaces or being anywhere from which they could not easily leave. "[66] Many Christian denominations use biblical notions of gender and gender roles to support their views. 2003. Management argued that this hurt Winn-Dixie's corporate image. Transphobia creates significant stresses for transgender people which can lead them to feel shame, low self-esteem, alienation and inadequacy. The fear of being forgotten, ignored, or abandoned. The final results of the study show that over twice as many participants who considered themselves transgender (43%) had engaged in self-injurious behavior, versus those who considered themselves male or female (16%). While the symptoms are similar, the underlying causes may be varied. Astronomy and astrology have been heavily linked throughout history, and some astronomical fears are based on religious or doomsday phobias. When asked if they had ever been forced to have sex, experienced violence in their home, or been physically abused, the majority answered yes to each question. [24] Aggression and violence against transgender people is perpetrated intentionally through physical violence or bodily harm, sexual violence or assault, and verbal or emotional abuse. There are three basic types of phobias: 1. A high percentage report being victims of sexual violence. America is not normal, in so far as you have ready access to legally owned guns and frequent tragic shootings. In 1988, gender reassignment surgery was declared acceptable under Islamic law by scholars at Egypt's Al-Azhar, the world's oldest Islamic university. At the same time, our personal experiences of violence (if we have any) can combine with the pernicious effects of media coverage to build up a quite irrational fear in us – a sense that aggression is waiting for us round every corner. "[116], To deal with issues related to transphobia and the gender binary, many individuals have taken on terms such as pansexual, omnisexual (an alternative word for pansexual) or polysexual in place of the term bisexual. [70], Some positions within feminism have been considered transphobic. What is this called? Agoraphobia is the intense fear, anxiety, and avoidance of a variety of non-specific situations where escape is difficult or help might be unavailable if a panic attack occurs.. 2. Weapons phobias originate typically in childhood as a result of traumatic experiences that lead the afflicted individual to feel markedly vulnerable around knives, guns, sticks, etc. It is only sensible to be aware of this and to take appropriate steps to stay safe. [83] After sustaining severe criticism for her views, Adichie opined that the American Left is "creating its own decline" and is "very cannibalistic." It contains a large list of phobias and teaches how to cope with and ultimately cure your fear. The majority of those who were openly transgender or perceived as transgender at school were victims of some form of mistreatment on account of this, including verbal abuse (54%), physical attacks (24%), and sexual assault (13%). [29], A review of American studies on sexual violence towards transgender people found that it is "shockingly common" and while reported rates vary considerably among studies for methodological and other reasons the most common finding is that around 50% of transgender people have been sexually assaulted. Acts of transphobia such as undue denial of services, unfair dismissal from work places or stigmatization have far-reaching effects on the subjects such as low self-esteem, under-performance, stress, withdrawal or even depression. Harassment and violence directed against transgender people is often called trans bashing, and can be physical, sexual or verbal. C)A phobia causes physiological changes, whereas fear causes cognitive changes. When you’re faced with the thing you’re afraid of, it could trigger a panic attack. Moreover, regardless of biological sex, relational bullying victimization, depression, and suicidal ideation is common among adolescents that can be perceived as anything other than very, or mostly masculine. 1% reported being sexually assaulted in a public restroom for being transgender, and 1% reported being otherwise physically assaulted for being transgender. The fear of the Northern Lights, or auroraphobia, is an unusual but very real phobia. Morning Star. This kind of fear or phobia is also called: Dating anxieties: Dating, by its very nature, is a situation in which two people have not already committed to a permanent relationship. Feminist Current. In women, it is usually associated with pelvic pain during sex, sexual violence, and an inspired attitude to sex as something shameful. Gay men and women who were trying to melt quietly into the majority society criticized them as "freaks" who brought unwanted disreputable attention upon them. James Gillespie (24 September 2017). According to the American Psychological Association, transgender children are more likely than other children to experience harassment and violence in school, foster care, residential treatment centers, homeless centers and juvenile justice programs. Many kids (and adults, too) are afraid of the same things that children with phobias fear. ", "Suicide and Suicidal Behavior among Transgender Persons", "Polyvictimization prevalence rates for sexual and gender minority adolescents: Breaking down the silos of victimization research", "The Effects of Cumulative Victimization on Mental Health Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Adolescents and Young Adults", "Perceived Gender Presentation Among Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: Approaches to Analysis and Associations with Bullying Victimization and Emotional Distress", "High Burden of Mental Health Problems, Substance Use, Violence, and Related Psychosocial Factors in Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Diverse Youth and Young Adults", "Risk and Protective Factors for Self-Harm in a Population-Based Sample of Transgender Youth", "Mental Health Disparities Among Canadian Transgender Youth", "Psychiatric Diagnoses and Comorbidities in a Diverse, Multicity Cohort of Young Transgender Women", "Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior", "A systematic review of social stress and mental health among transgender and gender non-conforming people in the United States", "Substance Use and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in a Community Sample of Transgender Adults", "Transgender Health Disparities: Comparing Full Cohort and Nested Matched-Pair Study Designs in a Community Health Center", "Military Sexual Assault in Transgender Veterans: Results From a Nationwide Survey", "Comorbidity of posttraumatic stress disorder with alcohol dependence among US adults: Results from National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions", "Racial Health Disparities in a Cohort of 5,135 Transgender Veterans", "Transphobia Among Transgenders of Color", "Thematic report on Discrimination against trans and intersex people on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression", Survivor bashing – bias motivated hate crimes, Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures, History of Christianity and homosexuality, Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine, SPLC-designated list of anti-LGBT U.S. hate groups, Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany, Significant acts of violence against LGBT people, Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Transphobia&oldid=990841220, Articles lacking reliable references from April 2016, CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of October 2020, Articles with limited geographic scope from June 2018, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2016, Articles lacking reliable references from January 2018, Articles lacking reliable references from September 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 20:22. [2], As adults, transgender people are frequently subjected to ridicule, stares, taunting and threats of violence, even when just walking down the street or walking into a store. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder and a person who suffers from them will feel intense distress when brought into contact with the source of their phobia — so much so that they might even experience a panic attack. ← Back to: List of phobias Capiophobia (from the Latin word capio, meaning "arrest", and Greek phobos, "fear") is the fear of getting arrested, even for no apparent reason.
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